Clients Want Value

How Hourly Billing Kills Law Firms

By | Sep.25.12 | 10 Comments

Lawyers have been talking about and wrestling with “alternative billing methods” or “alternative fee agreements" for a decade or more. Recently, however, the conversation has[...]

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It’s About Time You Got Paid

By | Jul.10.12 | No Comments

It would be great if collecting accounts receivable from clients just happened, like clockwork, once you sent off the bill. As you've likely discovered, however, the money doesn't [...]

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Keys to Effective Cash Flow Management

By | Jun.18.12 | No Comments

Every business has to generate cash to survive, whether you run a Fortune 500 company or a shaved ice stand—or a law practice. Most businesses pay expenses well in advance of d[...]

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Use Project Management Apps to Manage People, Part Two

Project Management and Your Law Practice Management Software

By | May.02.12 | 6 Comments

In part one of this series on how to use project management software to manage people, Brett Owens started simple with some easy-to-use, off-the-shelf apps—Workflowy and Basecam[...]

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New Practices

How Do You Set Your Hourly Rates?

By | Feb.15.12 | No Comments

You're a new lawyer, launching a new law firm. How do you decide what your hourly rate will be? The ethics rules say that your rate must be "reasonable." That doesn’t give you [...]

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Wise Up Before Value Billing

By | Jan.05.12 | 1 Comment

So many say “just do it” when discussing "new normal" pricing strategies in the legal market. The thinking is that you should just pick a number that meets a client’s value [...]

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