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The Power of Facts in Marketing

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Let’s say you just found out you have a rare illness. Suddenly, you are in the market for a specialty physician. You do some research, get some names and make an appointment with one or …Continue reading »

Well Said!

Have We Met? Mastering the Meet and Greet

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The business meet-and-greet scene is fraught with potential pitfalls, even for the most confident among us. Here’s how to reduce embarrassing encounters at networking events, receptions and other occasions. Do I Know You? Professional social encounters pose …Continue reading »

Play to Win

Teaming Up for a Prospect Pitch Meeting

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In a feedback interview, a client told a story to explain why a particular law firm did not get the work after meeting with him. He said the firm brought a team of lawyers to the …Continue reading »

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Cross-Selling: Lawyers’ Three-Headed Sales Monster

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Discussions about cross-selling in law firms remind me of the well-publicized discussions some years ago in the scientific world about cold fusion. Both represent their respective professions’ Holy Grail, but no one in either profession …Continue reading »

The Friday Five

Five Rules of Engagement for Lawyers on Facebook

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Many lawyers create Facebook pages for their law firms because they know it’s something they “ought to do” for their online marketing. Set up website: Check! Write blog posts: Check! Have a presence on social media: Check! What …Continue reading »

Legal Marketing

Seven Steps to a More Authentic, Fresher Attorney Bio

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Nobody sets out to write a boring bio. It’s just so easy to follow the usual attorney bio format and rarely update or change it — unless there’s a big pitch underway or the firm’s …Continue reading »

2016 Attorney at Work Survey Report

Survey Results: Truths About Lawyers and Social Media

By | Mar.04.16 | 1 Comment

A year ago, we thought social media couldn’t get any hotter as the marketing mode of choice for lawyers. Comparing results from the recent “Attorney at Work 2016 Social Media Marketing Survey” to last year’s …Continue reading »

Marketing Playbook 2016

How to Make Your Social Media Marketing NOT Suck

By | Mar.03.16 | 2 Comments

Your prospects and clients are interacting daily on social media channels, regardless of your opinion on the matter. It’s time to get over yourself and invest a little time and money in this marketing platform, …Continue reading »

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Cross-Selling Made Simple

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Recently I was contacted by someone looking for good articles on cross-selling. I noticed that a lot of material discussed the obstacles — compensation systems, internal competition, lack of confidence in colleagues, lack of knowledge …Continue reading »