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Thomson Reuters Product Spotlight

How to Overcome Client Demands by Delivering Better Service

By Thomson Reuters

Are you challenged to meet the expectations of clients who want more value without paying for it? You’re in good company. According to the Thomson Reuters 2017 State of U.S. Small Law Firms Study, 59 percent of respondents say clients who demand more for less are a moderate or significant challenge.

But only 20 percent of them are doing anything about it — which is great news if you’re among this small percentage. It means you’re positioned to outperform about half your peers in a mature marketplace that is only going to become more competitive.

If you’re not among them, you have a choice:

  • Keep doing what you’ve always done and, ultimately, get left behind, or
  • Join them by investing in the tools to help you easily give clients the value they demand.

What You Can Do

Addressing this challenge to ensure success today and tomorrow is far easier and more cost-effective than you think. Your most affordable option is to subscribe to a cloud-based law practice management system. For about the price of the average smartphone bill, you can serve your clients better by:

  • Securely accessing your files from your home, the courtroom or airport — anywhere there’s internet access. Know what’s happening, at a glance, with any case by simply clicking on its file to see a chronological view of activities. So when you get that unexpected after-hours client call or email, you’ll have everything you need for a fast, intelligent response.
  • Automating tasks like billing, time-keeping, document-building and even research. Your clients invest in your law expertise, not your ability to calculate, type or look up a citation. Practice management can do that for you much more accurately and quickly, so you have more time to practice law.

Making this change has helped Roeder Smith Jadin quadruple its size in three years.

“I can access the entirety of my office from anywhere, and that gives my clients more accessibility to me and ultimately drives down costs,” says Alex Jadin, a partner in the Minneapolis boutique law firm. “When you’re efficient at your work, you’re ultimately saving that client money by spending less time getting the same amount of work done.”

As a result, the firm has achieved its mission, says Jadin, of being “more cost effective and more flexible to our clients and, in turn, service them better both from a financial and attention perspective, and an accessibility perspective.”

Learn more about the benefits of a mobile practice and find out how you can set your firm up for the same success by checking out: Mobile in Practice: The Benefits of a Virtual Law Firm.

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Categories: Legal Technology, Product Spotlight
Originally published December 13, 2017
Last updated May 11, 2020
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