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Legal Cybersecurity

Online Shopping? Five Security Tips

Even if your firm has a policy against it, there’s a chance that online shopping is happening in your office — especially during the height of the holidays. Why be concerned? For one, hackers are actively working to compromise any size ...

Don Tuliao - December 19, 2014
iPad Apps
Disconnect? File-Sharing Security Survey Highlights

It's no surprise that small firms are the most vulnerable when it comes to online risk. Less time, less money and less staff to keep abreast of threats. What's surprising, though, is how little law firms do to protect clients' privileged ...

Joan Feldman - May 29, 2014
Five Must-Know Password Protection Tips

No doubt, at this moment, armies of hackers are dreaming up diabolical new ways to cash in on our identities, crash our sites and disrupt our favorite pastimes. ("Smishing!") But really, the biggest threat to your online security is ... you. ...

Joan Feldman - May 9, 2014
data redundancy
Back That Cache Up: Data Redundancy Is Essential for Law Firms

Nobody ever thinks a data loss is going to happen to them. But it can, and likely will, happen to you, if you practice long enough — and, sometimes, even if you don’t. Inside of the first two years of my first career as a practicing lawyer, ...

Jared Correia - March 18, 2014
Fireproofing Your Law Firm

Stop — what you are doing? Flames are pouring out of the next room! It doesn't matter how this started. (A freak coffeemaker explosion, maybe?) It's time for you to go! Later, you will find out that your office is a total loss. All your files ...

Sam Glover - July 31, 2013
Send Document, Get Breached? Tightening Security in Document Exchanges

Exchanging documents with clients and outside counsel used to be a fairly mundane, straightforward endeavor. Attach the document to an email and send it off. Or, to deliver a large volume of documents or documents of a very large size, just burn ...

Charlie Magliato - September 18, 2012
Lawyers: CYA When Working from Mobile Devices

One of the benefits of being a lawyer with a laptop, tablet or smartphone is that you really can work anywhere with access to Wi-Fi and your files. But the question of security must be addressed. How can you protect yourself and your clients ...

Ruth Carter - May 1, 2012

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