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Marijuana-Related Business Records: New on Westlaw’s PeopleMap and Company Investigator

MRB content includes over 15,000 businesses and over 33,000 individuals with licenses in the marijuana industry.

By Thomson Reuters

Marijuana plants

Marijuana-related business records (MRB) will be released this week on PeopleMap and Company Investigator on Westlaw. The content includes over 15,000 businesses and over 33,000 individuals with licenses in the marijuana industry.

The MRB content encompasses individuals and businesses that have Marijuana Related Business connections in U.S. jurisdictions with marijuana licensing. The file also contains a related parties section for other people and businesses that may be tied to an entity.

MRB Biz Example

How Marijuana-Related Business Records Can Help You

Currently, cannabis is legal for recreational use in 10 states plus D.C. Medicinal cannabis is also legalized in many additional states. However, the legalization of marijuana-related activities within various states does not change that marijuana remains a controlled substance under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) and therefore is subject to the federal crimes outlined in that Act.     

So, whether you need to conduct vendor due diligence, client intake, or simple legal investigations — MRB content from PeopleMap and Company Investigator on Westlaw broadens your research and helps identify additional possible risk.

Say you’re a bankruptcy attorney and are conducting legal due diligence for client intake. Since the CSA still classifies cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug, bankruptcy courts cannot legally process bankruptcy claims from businesses associated with cannabis. Given that some marijuana businesses may have an ambiguous name or not have an online presence, it can be difficult to determine the business type. This is where MRB content from PeopleMap and Company Investigator can help.

Examples of Marijuana License Types in PeopleMap and Company Investigator

Marijuana Retail/Dispensary Marijuana Owner/Investor
Marijuana Manufacturer/Processer Marijuana Officer
Marijuana Cultivation Marijuana Senior Manager
Marijuana CBD
Marijuana Vertically Integrated

Where Else Can I get Marijuana-Related Business Data?

Top competitors to PeopleMap and Company Investigator on Westlaw do not currently provide marijuana license data. And while the SIC/NAICS (Standard Industrial Classification/North American Industry Classification) codes in PeopleMap, Company Investigator, and competitive products could include classifications for marijuana businesses (59939905 = “Cannabis Store”), they cannot solely be relied on because the data can be incomplete or non-descriptive.

Learn more about PeopleMap on Westlaw, the premier public records research tool for discovering data other resources might miss.

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Originally published June 24, 2019
Last updated July 26, 2019
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