law firm culture and revenue

Culture Club: Uncovering a Hidden Source of Law Firm Revenue

A business’s culture is far more than its founder’s vision. How culture can grow revenue and define a law firms and success.

Joey Seeber - August 9, 2023
fractional cmo

Does Your Law Firm Need a Fractional CMO?

Neville Pokroy | Hiring a Fractional CMO can be a game changer for small and midsize law firms.

Neville Pokroy - April 12, 2023
law firm business card

Tips for Designing and Printing Your Law Firm Business Card Online

Options for designing and printing business cards online are better than ever.

Joan Feldman - April 1, 2023
skills tracking

Talent Management: How Skills Tracking Improves Resource Allocation and Associate Satisfaction

As law firms consider how they can better allocate work to associates, one key part of the conversation has to be about skills and skills tracking. How Skills Tracking Improves Bench Strength Skills tracking is already a growing part of law firm ...

Sukal Mondal - February 9, 2023
regulatory changes

Practical Ways to Keep Up with Regulatory Change in Your Practice Area

The nonstop tide of regulatory change can be overwhelming for lawyers. Here are three practical ways to keep up with regulation changes in your practice area. The pace, volume and nuance of regulatory change is staggering. One moment, you’re up ...

Emily Fenton - January 5, 2023
small law firm success

How Do Small and Midsize Law Firms Punch Above Their Weight?

Neville Pokroy | It’s quite simple to compete successfully with larger firms, as long as you keep these 10 factors in mind.

Neville Pokroy - January 4, 2023
cloud-based legal software

Is Your Law Firm Ready for the Cloud?

Common questions about moving your systems and data to the cloud.

Mark Khazanovich - December 20, 2022
how to rebrand

How I Rebranded My Law Firm

Nothing But the Ruth! | Rebranding is worth the investment to make your firm fit with who you are and what you offer.

Ruth Carter - December 13, 2022
personal injury law firms

Personal Injury Law Firms: 4 Secret Tools to Increase Productivity

A personal injury law firm can boost its productivity by using software to automate, collaborate, and streamline its operations.

CloudLex - November 25, 2022
Attorney at work buyer guide legal consulting

Attorney at Work Buyer Guide: Legal Consulting

Join the Attorney at Work Buyer Guide Program The Attorney at Work Buyer Guide acts as a window for potential customers to view your product and easily link to resources that tell your story. The program includes a dedicated webpage on Attorney ...

Mark Feldman - November 20, 2022

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