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Lawcus Product Review

Double Play: Lawcus Delivers Lead and Client Management in a Single Suite

By Jared Correia
Lawcus Product Review

Lawcus Review: Lawcus has aggressively cross-pollinated lead and client management features across a single platform for law firms. 

You know how some things are just better together — like French fries and ketchup (or mayonnaise, if you’re a psychopath) and peas and carrots. Heck, even a turducken will suit when the desire arises.

Lawcus Review: “More“ is the American Way.

In #legaltech, however, it’s difficult to find the right combination within a single software to deliver more of what you want.

Since the rise of cloud-based legal software began in 2008, there has been lots of movement on developing productivity tools, accompanied by a legendary foot-dragging exercise respecting the advancement of marketing software. Even at this late date, the market is inundated with productivity (client management) options, while few marketing (lead management) tools built for law firms are available. And, if you were looking for ‘more” — say, wishing to combine the features of a law practice management software (client management) and a customer relationships management software (lead management), you would have needed to pack extra clothes.

More recently, though, likely spurred in part by the COVID-19 pandemic and the driving need for online intake, more and more providers are focusing on marketing solutions, including by attaching marketing tools to their existing productivity software programs.

Even so, it’s still hard to find a solution that combines both front-end and back-end business operations software for lawyers.

I say “hard,” not ‘impossible” because Lawcus is one company that has been aggressively combining and cross-pollinating lead and client management features across a single platform.

Surface Pressure: Data Visualization in Lawcus

Lawcus Product Review

Transformers were probably my favorite toy when I was a kid (this is still pretty traumatic for me), and the coolest Transformers were the ones that combined multiple robots — like Sky Lynx (who, as a bonus, was British). Because what’s more powerful than a large, probably carnivorous bird and a violent forest cat? Why, the combination of a large, probably carnivorous bird and a violent forest cat, of course! It’s kind of the same deal with joining a law practice management software and a lead management software.

When you’re collecting lead information in the same suite in which you’re managing your clients, you don’t need an API to transition any data. Powerful automations for lead follow-up can also be utilized to build effective automations for client communications. Capturing disparate data sets in one space also increases the power of reporting functionality since the data can be arrayed separately or in combination, including showing how each affects the other.

But modern lawyers are busier than ever before and can easily drown in data when confronted with software that is not dynamic. Fortunately, Lawcus is a modern, visually appealing product that doesn’t look like (or function like) any other software you’ve used. Lawcus surfaces consumable datasets via main page dashboards that focus on important law firm KPIs. As alluded to above, these dashboards provide important information on both leads and clients. Lead data includes conversion rates for specific channels, top referral sources and pipeline value. Client and practice data include financial metrics, upcoming tasks and work in progress.

All dashboards are customizable; and, users can toggle on or off specific reports so that the main page of their instance of Lawcus only includes what they want to see.

Outside of the dashboards, Lawcus has many specific reports you would expect to see in a case management software tool, including accounts receivable and client and trust ledgers.

Up to the Task: Workflows in Lawcus

Lawcus Product Review Matter Dashboard

Users tend to appreciate Lawcus for its focus on visualization, as well as its commitment to continuing to build both lead and client management features into its single platform.

But Lawcus is also well-positioned to drive law firm efficiency, with its impressive collection of task management features.

  • Matters and leads in Lawcus can be viewed in Kanban, and tasks can be arrayed via lists.
  • Lawcus offers multiple task-related features that attorneys crave, like the ability to create subtasks and reminders or ticklers.
  • Tasks can be assigned (with separate views for user tasks and tasks that a user has assigned), and repetitive tasks can be built.
  • Lawcus has a workflow feature and includes several common workflows as out-of-the-box templates. These workflows can be built with triggers, including exit criteria, based on lead or client behavior – so the system won’t send that third request to schedule a meeting if it’s already on the calendar.
  • Lawcus workflows can also be supplemented with customizable tags and can be filtered based on multiple criteria.

Generally speaking, marketing automation software does a far better job of offering useful workflow features than case management software. But, since Lawcus is also marketing automation software, it can make those more robust tools accessible for client communication and case workflows.

In addition to traditional workflow functionality, Lawcus offers modernized follow-up automations for lead intake, including intake forms, appointment scheduling tools, signature functionality and integration with epayment providers (LawPay currently and Gravity Legal in the pipeline).

Next on the hit list is a texting feature so that users can add those text alerts and interactions that legal consumers and clients are so responsive to.

Since Lawcus has a full API and an integration with Zapier, connections to the other software products you love are also available.

What’s Up Now: Additional Lawcus Features

Lawcus is perhaps the most comprehensive law practice management solution on the market, with just a staggering number of features.

Plus, the team at Lawcus is always adding more features. The “new” feature on their website reads like a Homeric catalog.

And, in addition to the tools discussed above, Lawcus features granular admin capabilities for setting staff and attorney roles within the software, a secure client portal, a phone and email interaction log, and accounting and invoicing tools.

But, to experience the full breadth of Lawcus, you’ll want to try it yourself.

You can sign up for a free trial or access pricing options directly.

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Jared Correia Jared Correia

Jared D. Correia is CEO of Red Cave Law Firm Consulting, which offers subscription-based law firm business management consulting services, and works with legal vendors to develop programming and content. Jared is also COO of Gideon Software, Inc., which offers intelligent messaging and predictive analytics software built exclusively for law firms. A former practicing attorney, Jared is the host of the Legal Toolkit podcast and speaks frequently at industry events. In addition to his Attorney at Work column, Managing, he writes an advice column for Lawyerist and on tech startups for Above the Law. Follow him @JaredCorreia.

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