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outlook rules
Using Outlook Rules to Process Email Like a Pro

Drowning in email? This excerpt from "Microsoft Outlook for Legal Professionals" tells how to manage rules so you can process email faster — plus a rule for keeping track of what you delegated by email.

Danielle DavisRoe - February 25, 2023
macs for lawyers
Lawyers Who Use Macs: Why They Do It and How

Can you run a law firm with Apple Macs? A Q&A with 4 prolific and proficient Mac-using lawyers and how they run their practices on a Mac.

Brett Burney - February 24, 2023
microsoft office 365 for lawyers
Top Tech Tips: Using Microsoft Office 365 for Lawyers

Affinity Consulting | Bookmark this to track the latest articles on how to use Word, Outlook and Excel.

The Editors - December 27, 2022
essential office setup
Workspace: 8 Things Every Lawyer Needs to Get the Work Done

Andrea Cannavina shares some favorite tools that will have a serious impact on your home office happiness.

Andrea Cannavina - November 28, 2022
buyer journey
Buyer Journey: What Lawyers Should Know About the Psychology of Paying for Goods and Services

Understanding the four stages of the buyer journey can point to ways to improve your marketing, practice management and payment systems.

Mayowa Oyebadejo - September 17, 2022
taking notes in meetings
Tech Tips: Best Note-Taking Apps and Tactics

Tech Tips | What's your favorite tip for taking notes in meetings?

The Editors - June 27, 2022
electronic signatures
Where Do I Sign? Navigating Signatures in a Digital Age

Nicole Clark | Lawyers have faced a shift from traditional inked (wet) signatures to electronic signatures. Fortunately, federal and state governments have constructed statutory frameworks for it.

Nicole Clark - June 24, 2022
mac law
Setting Up An All-Mac Law Office

Brett Burney tells how you can set up Mac law office: hardware, software, using Microsoft and PDFs, and cloud-based services. Brett Burney’s primer on what you’ll need to go “all Mac” is an Attorney at Work classic ...

Brett Burney - June 20, 2022
legal apps
Must-Have Apps for Running a Tech-Forward Law Firm

Catherine Tang is applying everything she learned about remote lawyering to her new solo practice, including these apps.

Catherine Tang - June 18, 2022
dictation technology
Top Five Ways Lawyers Use Dictation Technology

For many young lawyers, dictation evokes images of dusty credenzas covered with tape recorders and microphones. But while today’s lawyers tend to be much more tech-savvy than past generations, they still use their voices to accomplish a lot ...

Eric Wangler - June 14, 2022

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