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Wait, There’s More: New Tech Products

By The Editors

Last Friday, we told you about some of the legal technology products released just-in-time for LegalTech New York this past week. Now that LTNY has wrapped, we’re sorting through the on-site posts and tweets to give you a Friday Five update on even more. We find that some big-picture perspective, always helps us better grasp the product news. So, before diving in to the links below, we recommend listening to the tech wisdom of Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell, and reading Inside Legal’s view of the vendor scene at LTNY. For an even broader perspective on where technology in general is headed, check Mashable CEO Pete Cashmore’s take on innovations to expect this year.

Friday Five-Minute Product Recap

Got more than five minutes to spare? Click the links at the end of this post to read bloggers who posted on the ground during LTNY this week.

  • is a new cloud-based service that fuses business networking with document management, comparison and review, records management and collaboration tools. A “loop” is a group of people collaborating on a project or set of documents, whether within the firm or with outside firms and clients, too. Loop users communicate through their individual networking profiles, similar to other social networks.
  • Westlaw Drafting Assistant–Transactional is a comprehensive set of tools and content for preparing transactional documents. It includes sample documents (organized by practice area and jurisdiction), direct integration with Westlaw, automatically generated document outlines, and proofreading tools that cover defined terms, numeration, punctuation, referenced documents and more.
  • LiquidPractice is a cloud-based practice management application written to operate in Microsoft Office 365. Designed for small and medium-size law firms, LiquidPractice turns Office 365 into a total cloud office.
  • LexisNexis Social Media Visibility is a new service for solo practitioners and small firms that includes creation of a blog page and help crafting profiles and leveraging the major social sites. LexisNexis also launched Web Visibility Solutions, featuring products and services such as search engine and mobile device optimization. The Web Visibility products all feature Client Center, a client collaboration portal that is part of the LexisNexis Firm Manager application for small firms.
  • WestlawNext iPad App has been updated with enhanced folder sharing capabilities. Users can now save research results, including notes and KeyCite warning flags, in folders that can be shared with others.
  • Grundig’s new Digta 7 dictation machines include features such as the ability to transfer dictations via Bluetooth to a smartphone, plus speech recognition for the creation of dictation-IDs, individually programmable function buttons (allowing left-hand operation), ability to record in WAV and MP3 format, and optional 256-bit encryption.
  • Corel’s Perfect Authority is designed to make it easy for WordPerfect X5 users to create a fully formatted table of authorities. Corel also announced a beta preview of WordPerfect eBook Publisher, a free add-on to WordPerfect Office that enables users to create documents that can be published to the Kindle.
  • M26-F LLC’s new assists in defining, structuring and confirming all of the steps required to comply with the “meet and confer” mandates of Rule 26(f) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, as well as similar state court rules.
  • Microsystems DocXtools Versions 7.0 and 7.1 will include open XML architecture, more UI configuration capabilities, and a new interface that enables non-expert Word users to quickly style or restyle a document. DocXtools is a collection of document assessment, cleanup and problem-solving tools for creating legal documents in Microsoft Word.
  • Avansic Tracker is a new app that tracks the progress of an e-discovery case, from preservation through processing and data export. The Tracker provides specific status updates throughout the processing portion of e-discovery, specifically for culling, filtering, de-duplication and export.
  • Index Engines released Octane Forensic Archive for Litigation Hold, which provides forensic-level archiving of email.
  • Levit & James Best Authority 3, available later this year, will feature a Microsoft-like Ribbon interface, increased speed (4 to 20 times faster) and simplified editing features.
  • World Software Corporation’s new Worldox GX3 Professional includes an improved interface, faster speed, tighter integrations with MS Active Directory, and more third-party integrations. The company also announced that Worldox GX3 Cloud and GX3 Enterprise will be released in mid-2012.
  • Reed Technology’s new Web Preserver is a capture and archiving service that captures and preserves a fully functioning Web page, including all of the links and associated metadata, for use in court cases, audits, to support records management retention guidance, and more.
  • Orion Law Management‘s new AR Collection Manager module assists in collection efforts for law firm finance and accounting departments.
And Even More

Can’t get enough? Be sure to view the LexBlog Network’s video interviews, and read Robert Ambrogi’s LawSites reporting on the practice management software front. On Twitter, check out the terrific LTNY2012 list of attendees curated by @LegalTypist. If e-discovery is your thing, CMS Wire has great coverage of e-discovery and other product announcements. And Unfiltered Orange’s special LTNY edition should keep you occupied.

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Categories: Legal Technology, New Products
Originally published February 3, 2012
Last updated June 22, 2020
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