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40 Ways to Make Networking Work

By | May.07.14 | 6 Comments

Every lawyer needs a good network. With fellow lawyers, yes. But you need lots of other people in your network as well. And not just because it's a source of good new business. Sma[...]

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The Friday Five

You and Your Content

By | May.02.14 | 1 Comment

I've got good news and ... er, weird news. First the weird: Whether you like it or not, you have become a media outlet. If you don't believe me, think for a minute about all the st[...]

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The Money-Making Proposition

By | Apr.22.14 | No Comments

It’s simple math, actually. You can fiddle around with yearly billables expectations, “pieces of the pie” and annual hourly rate adjustments — and even stop stocking free c[...]

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Are You a “New Normal” Lawyer?

By | Feb.11.14 | 4 Comments

That change the legal profession has both ballyhooed and rebuffed for so long? It's here. Economic tides, big shifts in consumer demands, wide-scale technological evolutions and a[...]

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The Multitasking Mess

By | Jan.10.14 | 1 Comment

A few weeks ago, I was driving down C-470 listening to NPR, mentally checking my Christmas list and chatting with a passenger when a Science Friday feature about multitasking rivet[...]

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Merry & Bright Marketing Ideas

Five Simple Questions: Closing in on New Clients

By | Dec.23.13 | No Comments

It's not just the holidays. When you finish up a big case or put the final signatures on a long-time-closing contract, things can get slow around your office. You might begin feeli[...]

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