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Nothing But the Ruth

It’s Okay to Turn Down Clients

When you open a solo or small law practice, making money may be your biggest concern, and you may feel like you have to accept every job that comes in the door. I’ve been to networking events where other law firm owners say that’s what they did ...

Ruth Carter - September 4, 2012

Grow Your Twitter Presence: 10 Tips

Here are a few tips to organically and meaningfully grow your Twitter presence.

Tim Baran - August 21, 2012

Presenting With Your iPad

You stand at the front of the room to make your presentation, but this time it's different: You are doing it all with your iPad! With a little preparation and practice, you can use your iPad as a sleek, subtle tool to educate and convince your ...

Carol Gerber - August 20, 2012

Build Your Reputation While Helping Your Community

Let me guess—you don't have time to think about your reputation in your community, much less devote extra hours to volunteer activities. After all, you're already doing a lot for your community by doing what you do best—providing reliable legal ...

Noble McIntyre - August 17, 2012
getting clients title showing three people

Didn’t Get the Work? Now What?

It was a formal response to an RFP. Or maybe a pitch you finally made to that client you've been softening up for some time. And you were great! But ... no, you didn't get the work. It is so disappointing, that goes without saying. But ...

Merrilyn Astin Tarlton - August 13, 2012

What If You’re the Unproductive Partner?

Your firm makes you a partner based on potential—a belief that everything the partners have observed indicates you have the characteristics to be successful. You've got what it takes! But making partner is one thing. Staying partner ...

Karen MacKay - August 1, 2012
Nothing But the Ruth

Why Skype? Get Google Hangouts

Google+ is Google’s effort to create a social media community. It seems like a lot of people have a Google+ account but don’t really use it. There is, though, one aspect of Google+ that differentiates it from the other social media sites and ...

Ruth Carter - July 20, 2012

The Future Is Hazy—What Now?

This summer, the hottest ticket at state bar association annual meetings seems to be sessions focused on the future of the business of practicing law. And with just cause. There's a lot going on out there to make us nervous. Increased ...

The Editors - July 9, 2012

Step into Your Client’s Shoes

I learned everything I ever need to know about client service the first time I closed a deal on my own. I was a young client, anxiously micro-managing a negotiation that my outside counsel (whom I’ll call Steve) could have mastered in his sleep. ...

Precious Williams Owodunni - June 26, 2012

Measuring Up on the InterWebs

I confess that writing a post about ways to measure social media performance took some thinking, mainly because I don’t put much stock in the typical metrics, like follower count. Getting people to follow you is easy. Getting people to engage ...

Gwynne Monahan - June 22, 2012