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Alphabet Soup: Create a List of Options Based on Target Audience

Thinking in terms of business-to-business versus business-to-consumer marketing, are you B-to-B or B-to-C? Your law firm is a business, of course—a "B." So, is your target client another B, or a consumer—a "C?" If you don't know the answer, ...

Theda C. Snyder - February 14, 2012

Fear of Speaking?

Yes, we can hear the jokes now. A lawyer who is afraid to speak is like a vegan at a steakhouse—not only rare (no pun intended) but also a bit laughable. But wait. To many a lawyer, fear of speaking is not funny, it is an unhappy reality. But ...

Mary Ellen Sullivan - February 9, 2012

How to Remember Names (Really)

While forgetting names is not the worst thing you can do socially, conversely, remembering names is one of the best. It eases social situations, sets you apart from the other bumbling schlubs, lets your companion know that they had a positive ...

Mary Ellen Sullivan - January 23, 2012

How to Behave in the Online World

Does it seem to you that everyone but you knows exactly what they're up to in the blogosphere? The tone to strike. The etiquette of retweeting. When to "like" something. Even something as basic as whether to be your professional self, your ...

Andrea Cannavina - January 19, 2012

Is It OK to Pay Referral Fees?

In most practice areas, a lawyer’s marketing efforts should focus on generating a strong referral pipeline—from both non-lawyers and lawyers alike. If those efforts are successful, you'll probably need some guidance on referral fees. Here it is.

Roy S. Ginsburg - January 17, 2012

Five Powerful Things You Probably Aren’t Doing With LinkedIn

The grumpy Gus in the crowd who resists creating a simple LinkedIn profile would be blown away by all the things you can do with this most popular of professional social networks. But you, savvy user that you are, are probably still overlooking ...

The Editors - January 13, 2012

Bad Networking Ain’t Networking

“If you want your law practice to survive, you’ve got to network!” When I was starting out as a solo, I heard that hundreds of times. And every time, my stomach turned. I'm not a natural networker, at least not as I understood the term. To me, ...

John H. Snyder - January 9, 2012

Business Development: Back to the Basics

Do it now—while the phones are quiet and your colleagues are off nursing their post-holiday blues. Lean back, put your feet up, stare into the distance and make a few—emphasis on few—plans for the coming year. Eliminate the extraneous and focus ...

Elizabeth A. Butcher - January 4, 2012

Top Marketing Advice of 2011

We’ve assembled the top marketing articles from the past 12 months of Attorney at Work—the ones readers told us helped them most, and the ones that generated the most “clicks”—into a handy downloadable guide to help get you rolling on your plans ...

The Editors - December 27, 2011
Nothing But the Ruth

Top Podcasting Tips for Lawyers

Having a podcast is a great way to differentiate yourself from other professionals, to display your expertise on a subject and to connect with other people. I’ve had the pleasure of being a guest on three podcasts. It’s a lot of fun to record a ...

Ruth Carter - December 13, 2011