On Balance

Cloud Computing and the NSA: The U.K. Weighs In

By | Jan.08.14 | 2 Comments

Cloud computing in the practice of law has been a hot topic recently. Regulators in the United Kingdom have issued guidance to solicitors commenting on the practice as it stands in[...]

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A Curmudgeon's Perspective

Lawyers and Social Media: Facebook ‘Em, Danno!

By | Oct.17.13 | No Comments

Krebbs came to me for advice. It seems one of his associates had called in sick the day they were to prepare massive final documents for a filing, leaving Krebbs high and dry to f[...]

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Marketing Your Law Practice

E-Newsletters for Lawyers: Ethically Educate and Advertise

By | Oct.14.13 | No Comments

If you’ve turned to the web to shop, reserve a hotel room or even sign up for a guest pass to your local gym, you’ve likely become a recipient of the vendors' e-newsletters. F[...]

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Ethics and Management

Passive Practice Management Sinking Your Law Firm?

By | May.22.13 | 2 Comments

Is anybody actually steering the ship at your law firm? Many smaller firms I visit across the country seem to have this in common: a passive practice management style, defined by r[...]

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Risk Management & Ethics

Is Your Staff Putting You at Risk?

By | Apr.08.13 | No Comments

Staff members do a tremendous amount of work for your firm, and they interact directly with clients in numerous ways. And by the way, Model Rule 5.3: Responsibilities Regarding No[...]

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The Friday Five

Five Ways to Improve Client Communication

By | Mar.29.13 | 3 Comments

A shocking number of ethics complaints stem from a very simple problem: lawyers not communicating with their clients. Clients pay for our time and effort, and they deserve to hear [...]

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