On Balance

Ethics Watch: Alien Status and Bar Admission

By | Feb.24.14 | 3 Comments

What if you had completed all of the requirements to become an attorney admitted to practice law but, despite your best efforts to rectify the situation, were in the United States [...]

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Nothing But The Ruth!

Using Other Lawyers’ Content on Your Blog: Rein It In

By | Feb.13.14 | No Comments

When you like my blog work, I’m pleased. When you link to my site, I’m flattered. When you request a reprint, I’m delighted. When you rip off my work, even with an attribu[...]

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Risk and Your Law Practice

Beware of Phishing! Social Engineering Scams

By | Jan.21.14 | 3 Comments

Some time ago I was stunned by a discussion with a law firm that had almost been scammed into sending several hundred thousand dollars overseas. The incident involved what turned o[...]

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On Balance

Cloud Computing and the NSA: The U.K. Weighs In

By | Jan.08.14 | 2 Comments

Cloud computing in the practice of law has been a hot topic recently. Regulators in the United Kingdom have issued guidance to solicitors commenting on the practice as it stands in[...]

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A Curmudgeon's Perspective

Lawyers and Social Media: Facebook ‘Em, Danno!

By | Oct.17.13 | No Comments

Krebbs came to me for advice. It seems one of his associates had called in sick the day they were to prepare massive final documents for a filing, leaving Krebbs high and dry to f[...]

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