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The Friday Five

Five Ways Infographics Can Market Your Law Practice

By | Dec.06.13 | 2 Comments

Courtroom or boardroom, most lawyers know that when confronted with a wall of words an audience is more likely to nod off than to receive and retain information. Online, it's no di[...]

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Local Marketing

Paid Online Advertising for Your Law Practice

By | Nov.21.13 | No Comments

Paying for website traffic is a great way to get into the world of online marketing because it can instantly bring prospective clients to your website. That can help get the phone [...]

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Mootus: Your Personalized Legal Knowledge Base?

By | Nov.14.13 | No Comments

Collegiality is often viewed as a defining hallmark of a felicitous legal career. With the advent of virtual offices and the tethering of humanity to Internet devices, though, much[...]

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Legal Marketing Technology

Seven Content Marketing Tips for Lawyers

By | Nov.05.13 | 4 Comments

"Content marketing" is no doubt the legal marketing buzz-phrase of the year. The Content Marketing Institute defines it as a "technique of creating and distributing relevant and [...]

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Local Marketing Series

Get Likes, Links and Shares for Your Law Firm

By | Oct.24.13 | No Comments

It’s no secret that links help your rankings on search engines. It’s also no secret that likes, follows and +1’s are signs of popularity and working their way into search en[...]

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A Curmudgeon's Perspective

Lawyers and Social Media: Facebook ‘Em, Danno!

By | Oct.17.13 | No Comments

Krebbs came to me for advice. It seems one of his associates had called in sick the day they were to prepare massive final documents for a filing, leaving Krebbs high and dry to f[...]

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