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How Am I Doing? Tools to Track Your Legal Blog

By | Apr.28.16 | 4 Comments

Question: Are there tools available to help me see how many people are reading my legal blog? Are there standards to judge its success? Lindsay Griffiths: What will be most important to you in gauging your blog’s …Continue reading »

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Snap a Winning Headshot, Part 2: It’s a Physical and Mental Game

By | Apr.14.16 | 1 Comment

In Part One of “Snap a Winning Headshot,” we talked about planning for your photo session — choosing what to wear, and how to look your best for the camera. But a great shot requires a …Continue reading »

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Snap a Winning Headshot, Part 1: Look in the Mirror

By | Apr.13.16 | No Comments

These days, potential clients are going to look you up online before they ever meet you. They want to see who you are, what you’ve done and where you earned your law degree. The headshot you’re …Continue reading »

Get to the Point

A Politically Incorrect Marketing Tip

By | Apr.11.16 | 1 Comment

Ten minutes of top-of-the-hour cable television news can make you feel like your head is going to explode. Or maybe you’ve just read some total bozo’s post. You may want to grab your phone and …Continue reading »

Video Marketing

Five Ways to Attract New Legal Clients with Video

By | Mar.28.16 | No Comments

Video has become one of the most effective — and flexible — online marketing tools available to lawyers today. Whether you’re looking to stand out from the pack, build client confidence, connect emotionally, or simply attract …Continue reading »

The Friday Five

Strategic Digital Marketing Tips

By | Mar.18.16 | No Comments

Does it feel like you can’t keep up with all the new kids on the block? (Nevermind keeping up with the digital marketing things you actually understand.) Worried that your office millennial will move on …Continue reading »

The Friday Five

Five Rules of Engagement for Lawyers on Facebook

By | Mar.11.16 | No Comments

Many lawyers create Facebook pages for their law firms because they know it’s something they “ought to do” for their online marketing. Set up website: Check! Write blog posts: Check! Have a presence on social media: Check! What …Continue reading »

2016 Attorney at Work Survey Report

Survey Results: Truths About Lawyers and Social Media

By | Mar.04.16 | 1 Comment

A year ago, we thought social media couldn’t get any hotter as the marketing mode of choice for lawyers. Comparing results from the recent “Attorney at Work 2016 Social Media Marketing Survey” to last year’s …Continue reading »

Marketing Playbook 2016

How to Make Your Social Media Marketing NOT Suck

By | Mar.03.16 | 2 Comments

Your prospects and clients are interacting daily on social media channels, regardless of your opinion on the matter. It’s time to get over yourself and invest a little time and money in this marketing platform, …Continue reading »