Social Media

Using Social Media to Find Better Job Candidates

By | Sep.15.14 | 2 Comments

Whether you consider yourself "social media-savvy" or not, your prospective employees likely are. The days of placing want ads in the local paper are long gone. Certainly, you can [...]

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Get to the Point

Lawyers: Why Tweet?

By | Jun.19.14 | 2 Comments

Previous Attorney at Work posts have discussed how to use Twitter for maximum effect while assuming you have an interest in it as a marketing tool. But some lawyers say they do not[...]

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The Hottest Blogs: China Law Blog

By | Jun.02.14 | 3 Comments

There's a lot of talk about lawyers and blogging. But do many really — blog, that is? If they do, how do they possibly find the time? And does blogging really bring them new clie[...]

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Conducting Your Social Media Orchestra

By | May.28.14 | 2 Comments

The 4th Annual Super Marketing Conference is June 5 — next Thursday — at Suffolk University Law School. Attorney at Work is a media sponsor, so you can register at the low, lo[...]

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The Friday Five

Five Ways Infographics Can Market Your Law Practice

By | Dec.06.13 | 2 Comments

Courtroom or boardroom, most lawyers know that when confronted with a wall of words an audience is more likely to nod off than to receive and retain information. Online, it's no di[...]

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