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Product News

Falling for Legal Technology

Recent updates and releases.

By Gwynne Monahan

Ah, October. That heavy sports month with the World Series, college football, the NFL and the NHL delighting fantasy sports enthusiasts everywhere. What isn’t a fantasy but has us just as enthusiastic are legal technology product updates and release announcements over the past month.

Let’s get to them, in alphabetical order.

Clio’s First Acquisition

Even if you missed the Clio Cloud Conference, I’d wager you still heard the big news: Clio acquired Lexicata. To call it a “defining moment for a legal industry” is an understatement. It’s a BIG FANTASTIC deal.

I’d swear if it were allowed.

Here’s why: Clio + Lexicata gives every lawyer a full suite of tools to manage the law practice side and the business side of the firm. Or, as Clio states it in its news release, an “entirely client-centered and firm-focused product suite.” Basically, with Clio + Lexicata, you have a one-stop shop for running a law practice as a business. In a word: a platform. I have some additional thoughts on this but you can read Jared Correia’s first as there is more release news to cover, so keep scrolling.

Do Not Pay (Yes, Really)

You no longer need to ask “is there an app for that?” when it comes to filing a lawsuit in any of the 50 states. Thanks to Joshua Browder, you can “fight corporations, beat bureaucracy and sue anyone at the press of a button,” or “swipe right” as they say.

The app DoNotPay, which fights parking tickets, has been out for a while, and now has a bunch of new features. WaPo has a good write-up with real examples from overdraft fees to class-action lawsuits, and Artificial Lawyer goes in depth.

Oh, BTW, it’s only available for iOS devices. At the moment, at least. Draw your own conclusions on whether studies will be done to determine if iOS users are the most likely to sue, and what impact, if any, whipping out an iOS device will have on such things as customer service.

Lawclerk, Team Work!

Like the Wonder Pets! I will refrain from singing the song and instead direct you to this Lawclerk’s news release that sums up its new feature best: “LAWCLERK’s Build a Team feature streamlines the process of hiring freelance lawyers by eliminating time reviewing credentials and making it easier to repeatedly work with a single or small group of freelancers on a single case or type of cases. It delivers even greater efficiencies and time savings by allowing attorneys to develop a rapport with their own team of freelancers.”

Eliminates time reviewing credentials. Delivers efficiency. What’s not to like?

For more information, visit the Lawclerk website, here.

LawDroid + Your Voice = Productivity Heaven

Two movie lines come to mind, one from “Star Wars” and one from “The Little Mermaid.” Can you guess what they are? Of course you can! Because LawDroid is really the “droid you’re looking for” and it lets you use “just your voice!”

Tom Martin teamed up with U.S. attorney Patrick Palace to integrate with Clio. Yes, Clio, in a very cool way by using your voice, as Artificial Lawyer explains:

  • Dictate notes, schedule appointments, and create tasks.
  • Have LawDroid Voice read out to you your schedule for the day.
  • Populate data into Clio to eliminate data entry duplication.

Cool, right? Know what else? LawDroid already has a reception bot, a paralegal bot and a legal health check bot, so it’s easy to see how integrating with Clio takes law practice up a notch. Check it out for yourself.

Neota Logic’s Virtual Pricing Director

Neota Logic is taking the pain and guesswork out of pricing legal services with its Virtual Pricing Director. How about that? Artificial intelligence being employed, front and center, with a director-level job title. It’s a partnership with Burcher Jennings and Validatum, a “specialist legal services pricing consultancy,” and this is how it earns that director-level title:

“Once the scope and budget of a project has been established, the software will intelligently and automatically generate the relevant assumptions and exclusions. It will then create a price risk profile diagram, a recommended fee range and a recommended fixed fee based on intelligent assessment of the price risk profile. Virtual Pricing Director also provides the fee earner (and if relevant, the supervising partner) with automatically generated live updates on how each of the phases is tracking relative to budget.”

Check this Neota Logic blog post for more details. Then pop over and read up on its UI improvements to Workbench, including the ability to create restore points to roll back changes, and the ability to add apps, databases, users and groups with the click of a button.

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Originally published October 30, 2018
Last updated November 13, 2018
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Gwynne Monahan

Gwynne Monahan is a freelance writer and editor who follows the mantra: Write Well. Edit Better. Best known by her Twitter handle @econwriter5Gwynne follows consumer trends in technology, and how they may impact the practice of law. She helps connect the dots so lawyers can more effectively, and efficiently run their practices. Quick with a book suggestion, witty comment or a laugh, Gwynne also enjoys baseball, jazz, foods she couldn’t get in Canada (you’ll have to ask her) and the sound of the “L.” She earned her M.Sc., with honors, in IT and Privacy Law from The John Marshall Law School.

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