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Don't Stress

Five Ways Mobile Apps Keep Work Moving During the Holidays

By Jami Gyurci

With fewer people in the office over the holidays, it can be hard to keep work moving efficiently. Today, there’s a host of mobility tools to alleviate the pressure when you need to get the same amount of work done with half the staff. Workflow apps for billing, expense tracking and dictation let busy lawyers remain productive while on the move — and they give firms the power to optimize all available support to meet tight deadlines, no matter where people are working.

Don’t Stress: Work Anywhere, Anytime

Efficiency is especially key at this time of year. Keep your smartphone or tablet handy and keep your work on track. Here are tips.

  1. Make the most of downtime to get work done. You can work on the bus or train, while out shopping for gifts or on the way to grandmother’s house. Some apps even offer speech recognition, allowing you to dictate your information and send it to the office without lifting a finger to type.
  2. Pack the devices you use every day. Packing light is never easy and becomes especially difficult when you need your laptop, hard drive, dictaphone and paper files to get work done. By making the switch to digital wherever possible, and taking advantage of the app versions of many software programs, you can work from the devices you use every day and save on the extra baggage. (See “The Essential Cloud: Top Tools for Lawyers.”)
  3. Be able to quickly respond to clients. You may be trimming the tree or sitting on the beach, but your client doesn’t need to know that. Make sure you can use your phone to find and share the information you need to keep your clients happy. Set up your devices so you have quick access to case information, no matter where you are.
  4. Keep track of how work’s flowing. This time of year is always chaotic with people taking time off and trying to keep work moving. Using mobile apps, it’s easier to make sure those people who are in the office have what they need from those who are not. You can manage schedules, assign to-dos to available staff and keep track of the status of tasks right from your phone.
  5. Get work to the right people. Some apps offer smart routing features to ensure work gets sent to the right person for processing. Whether that means forwarding tasks when someone is out of the office or sending work to a pool for processing by the next available staff member, this ensures that nothing gets overlooked or lost in the mailbox of someone taking a two-week Caribbean cruise.

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Continue Focusing on Great Customer Service All Year-round 

Today there’s increasingly strong competition among firms to provide high-quality legal services at low costs — and with tight turnaround times, regardless of the time of year. Effectively using mobility applications by optimizing everyone’s time, no matter where they’re working, can set your firm apart, ensuring tasks are handled effectively, and on time.

Jami Gyurci is Senior Marketing Manager at BigHand. She has been in legal marketing for over 13 years and marketing in general for over 25 years. Her legal marketing experience includes tenures at Kroll Ontrack and Thomson Reuters. Follow her on Twitter @jgyurci and @BigHandNA.

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Originally published December 21, 2017
Last updated April 14, 2018
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