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The Friday Five

It’s In the Bag

By The Editors

We’re just certain that all our personal technology will converge and be surgically implanted discreetly behind our ear—someday. Until then, we struggle with where and how to carry these vital extensions of our lives. In a pocket? In a purse? It seems nothing is ever the right size or in the right place at the right time! Frustrated, we did what every red-blooded American does under stress: we went shopping. While there’s something for every device and then some (some of it you’d even want to use) we limited our search to five. Why? Because it’s the Friday Five!

1. iPad. If you’ve got an iPad, you want to show it off in a manner befitting your personal style. For the fashion-conscious, there’s a delicious Yves Saint Laurent black leather case or Ferragamo’s tasty mandarin orange case with carry strap. For the more practical (and cost-conscious) lawyer, Zoogue’s extremely useful case serves as a flexible stand as well. More country than city, but want to maintain your professional air? Try Vanport Outfitters’ Amanda Reed iPad case (named for the school out of which Steve Jobs dropped). None of these meet your needs? Tour the iPad Cases Blog for a wide variety or Zazzle for some truly tasteless custom cases.

2. iPhone. We’ve all been at the iPhone a little longer, so there’s even more to choose from. The incredibly sexy Maison Martin Margiela Shearling-lined leather case seems somewhere near the top of the line at $395. For sensible style, you can’t beat the waterproof intentions of Practical Travel Gear’s Pelican i1015 Smartphone Case. (If you’ve never drowned your iPhone, believe us, you don’t want to!) Then there’s the truly weird Retro Cassette Cover for iPhones. It looks just like an old audiocassette case—you can only hope it isn’t as fragile. Still not what you want? Stroll the virtual aisles of iLounge’s iPhone cover gallery.

3. Laptop. Well, now we’re rolling. How about a Gucci computer case with interlocking G detail? (Naturally.) Or perhaps Magellan’s infinitely more practical On Tour Rolling Computer Case. It packs a well-padded computer and a change of clothes, opens flat for the x-ray machine and has a nonmetal zipper so you’ll fly through security. If you’d rather have something funky, artsy or handmade, dial into Etsy and search on “laptop bag.” Or check out the wonderful (and wonderfully searchable) selection of bags of all kinds at ebags.

4. Briefbag. Perhaps your pre-law school fantasy involved marching into court with your gorgeous handmade leather briefbag, just like dad’s. Or Perry Mason’s. If so, grab a hanky because you’re going to absolutely drool over the Pineider Power Elegance Leather Diplomatic Briefcase. A steal at a mere $3,850! If that’s a bit steep—and you’re more of a sporty lawyer, anyway—consider Levenger’s Bomber Jacket Backpack Brief. No one will ever know you aren’t headed for the slopes. If even that is too formal, go for the Boston Public Library Delivery Tote. It’s not for everyone. But you know who you are.

5. The rest. It seems there’s a bag or a pouch or a wallet for nearly everything you own. If your idea of a great travel plan is a bag full of bags. . . well, you’re in for a treat. You can get everything from a zippered earbud pouch to a Hermes post-it wallet and ample bags to put them in. Timbuk2 has more bags than, well, a barrel full of monkeys!

Categories: Daily Dispatch, Friday Five, Legal Technology, Passions, Playtime
Originally published July 22, 2011
Last updated May 11, 2020
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