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The Friday Five

Shape Up Your Social Status Daily

By The Editors

One-a-Day multivitamin? Check! Three miles cycling or a circuit at the gym? Check! Four locks (and a cat) to check before hitting the hay? Check! It’s the small daily routines that keep you functioning without losing your mind. Besides, if you commit to muscle and mind memory the regular things you must do, you can save your critical thinking for the complex stuff. So this week’s Friday Five is dedicated to routinizing your social media visibility. Let’s make it mindless and regular, and then just move on.

Here’s the first rule of this game: Each day, select any five from this list of 20, do them and check them off your mental list. At the same time, every day. And that’s it! You’re rockin’ the Internets.

1. Update your status on LinkedIn
  • Answer, comment on or post a LinkedIn discussion question.
  • Extend or accept invitations to connect.
  • Write a recommendation for someone.

Hint: Dive a little deeper into LinkedIn’s features to get the most value—try these five nifty LinkedIn tips.

2. Tweet!
  • Compose and send a mindful update Tweet (few followers care where you are drinking your first soy latte).
  • Tweet about a new resource or event.
  • Retweet three practical and helpful tweets you receive in your Twitter stream.
  • Tweet a request for information or connections.

Hint: Use a Twitter manager like TweetDeck or HootSuite to organize and track your tweets—write a bunch ahead of time.

3. Update your status on Facebook
  • Post a greeting e-card on a colleague’s Facebook wall celebrating a birthday or anniversary.
  • Brag about your partners and associates.
  • Upload a photo of people or projects with which you have been recently involved. Tag the right people.
  • Change your profile photo.
  • Share something brilliant from a friend’s status with your friends.

Hint: Do be sensible about what you share on Facebook, and check your privacy settings every week or you may be revealing more than you intended.

4. Participate in the blogosphere
  • Draft and publish a brilliant blog post about a new development in the law, or an article you recently published, or a concern that has developed among some of your clients.
  • Comment responsibly on blogs other than your own.
  • Respond to comments on your blog, as appropriate.
  • Invite a client or referral source to write a guest post on your blog.
  • Tweet, Facebook or link to excellent posts by other bloggers.

Hint: Simplify your daily reading by adding an RSS feed to your life, and create a system for organizing your online information with Google Reader, Instapaper and Evernote.

5. Don’t forget about your website
  • Review your professional bio (and photo) to make sure it reflects the current you.
  • Refresh your page with new publications, speeches or accomplishments (then Tweet it!)
  • Connect your social media activities to your website or bio page with Facebook or Twitter feeds, and keep social share links up to date (Google +1?) so others can share your wisdom and applaud your accomplishments.

Hint: Review these nine questions for great tips to improve your website, and these ideas to help pump up your bio.

Why is there so much to do—and so often—to keep your online presence working for you? Well, that’s the other rule: You must be present to win.

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