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The Friday Five

Five Win-Win Ethics Tips for Start-ups and Solos

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Friday Five

It’s a win-win. The best strategies for keeping your startup on the straight and narrow, ethics-wise, are often the same strategies that help your practice grow.

Mark Bassingthwaighte, risk advisor for malpractice insurance carrier ALPS, knows a bit about the common ethics traps and practice management missteps that can beat down solos and small firms. These tips from his e-book, “The ALPS Guide to Getting Started Solo,” will help you rise to the challenge of starting your practice and hanging in for the long term. … READ THE REST

Nothing But The Ruth

A More Purposeful Life: Rethinking Time

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Nothing But the Ruth

How did we decide our days would be broken up into “weekdays” and “weekends” and “business hours” and “personal time?” If you are someone’s employee, these concepts make sense. But not necessarily if you’re an entrepreneur or in an eat-what-you-kill environment.

I have long said that there’s no division between my professional and personal lives. I’m one person all the time. The same idea should apply to my time. I don’t have to divide my life into work hours and personal time. It’s all time. … READ THE REST

Office Overhead Savings

Five Things to Look for in Shared Office Space

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Law firms have long been known for sprawling offices, in which even the most junior associates enjoy their own private workspace. While that’s changing as larger firms adopt standard-size offices and move support staff to clustered workstations, some law practices are going in a different direction and moving to shared offices that allow them to reduce real estate expenses and work more collaboratively with peers.

As a growing number of law firms embrace the shared office model, some office providers are designing centers exclusively for the legal community, offering benefits and services that smaller firms might not be able to afford if leasing a space of their own. Here’s what you can expect if you’re shopping for legal-only shared office space. … READ THE REST

Get to the Point

Specificity Avoids Calendar Calamities

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Get to the Point

“Your Honor, this is a motion to vacate the most recent order and request a rehearing. Unfortunately, our failure to appear was caused by a calendaring error in our office.”

How embarrassing. Yet, “calendaring” or “docketing” (depending on your jurisdiction) errors happen regularly. Some of the causes of these mistakes can be eliminated by avoiding certain phrases when communicating about date and time setting. … READ THE REST


12 Ways to Get Your Head Straight

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Organize Your Brain

You know that feeling you get when, brilliant as you almost always are, the words refuse to organize themselves into anything more than just ordinary? When the to-do list on your desk threatens to rise up and take over? When it seems that, in trying to please too many, you have pleased absolutely no one?

Yep, that’s stress.

Maybe it’s time for fine-tuning … READ THE REST

The Friday Five

Five Ways to Polish Off 2015

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Friday Five

Getting it done. That’s where good ideas can fall short. Making a list of action items is one thing. It’s another to start — and finish — checking those items off.

Earlier this year, I rounded up a list of attorney “to-do’s” from law practice experts across the country. As we head toward the close of 2015, that advice (collected here in a pithy infographic) is seeming particularly relevant. Here are a few of my favorite tips. Keep them in mind as you stare down your own end-of-year to-do’s and make plans for the new year. READ THE REST