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Play to Win

Follow Up to Increase Your Chances of Getting Business

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play to win legal marketing with queen of hearts card

You undoubtedly have heard how important follow-up is to marketing and business development. Clients and referral sources are most likely to refer business to people they have heard from or seen in the prior three months, which means a sustained effort to stay in touch is required. We also know that (depending on who you read) business will come after five, seven or even more quality contacts with a single prospect. Yet few lawyers will make nearly that many approaches. Finally, marketing success involves both time and timing; you often don’t know when people will need your services so you need to be patient and stay top of mind.Read The Rest


Want to Quickly Build an Impressive Reputation in the Courtroom? Write Impressive Briefs

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Business person writing a courtroom Brief

As a judge reviews your brief, they’re evaluating your argument and your professionalism. Consider the words of the Hon. Raymond M. Kethledge, a U.S. Court of Appeals judge, in an article he wrote for the ABA.(1) “When I read a brief, the first thing I’m judging is the person…Read The Rest

Law Firm Marketing

Five Onsite Tactics to Optimize Your Law Firm Website Now

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There are countless offsite SEO tactics you can use to promote your website. But what about onsite tactics? Have you thought through your strategy for earning more relevant web traffic, identifying the tactics that are within your control? Have you done everything possible to give your website the best possible chance of pleasing Google?

Our team completed a study to better understand what specific onsite factors top-ranking law firm websites had in common. Here are five of the tactics we analyzed.Read The Rest

Innovation and Strategy

Blockchain 101: What Attorneys Need to Know Now

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blockchain and lawyers

Blockchain is one of the hottest business buzzwords of the past year. Many associate it with cryptocurrencies, thanks to the explosion of bitcoin and its counterparts. However, blockchain has far broader implications that affect businesses across all industries — and the law is no exception. Lawyers who want to remain competitive in the modern business world need to develop an understanding of what blockchain is, how it works and its impact on business.Read The Rest

The Friday Five

Five Ways to Support Diverse Legal Tech Entrepreneurs

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In recent years, a frustrating paradox has emerged: Far more legal technology is being built than ever before, yet somehow the justice gap in America keeps widening. A whopping 86 percent of low-income individuals who need legal help in the U.S. don’t receive it, disproportionately affecting women, immigrants and minorities.

In an effort to explore how diverse entrepreneurs are represented within legal technology, I recently released the first data-driven study on diverse founders in legal tech.Read The Rest

Nothing But the Ruth

Lawyers and Vacations: It’s a Necessity

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Nothing But the Ruth

I haven’t taken a vacation in over two years. In 2016, I took my dog Rosie to Flagstaff, Arizona, for a few days. We relaxed in front of the fire at our Airbnb and I spent an afternoon at a ropes course. It was so wonderful to have a break from being a lawyer. I’m sure I’m not the only lawyer who has trouble getting away. So I asked other lawyers for their thoughts on vacations.Read The Rest

Writing Your Book

Go the Self-Publishing Route or Stick with Traditional Publishers? The Pros and Cons

By | May.16.18 | 1 Comment

Novelists such as John Grisham and Meg Gardiner, to name two, are certainly at the top of the publishing heap when it comes to lawyers who have garnered international fame as authors. And let’s not forget those who have devoted their careers to writing legal treatises and manuals — Hiroshi Motomura, Stephen Yale-Loehr, Robert Divine and myriad others. Some even have their names as part of the book’s brand, for example, Kurzban’s Immigration Law Sourcebook (Ira Kurzban) and Gibber on Estate Administration (Allan Gibber).

These authors contracted with medium- to large-scale publishers. But a growing population of lawyers is taking the self-publishing route — like best-selling romance novelist Louise Bay. Even authors who have contracts with big publishers are testing the self-publishing waters.Read The Rest

Legal Innovation

Will AI Change the Way We Work for Better or for Worse?

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AI brain

Across industries, we have repeatedly seen that innovative technology does not replace the unique value-add of humans. Still, the uncertainty of change can leave any profession anxious. A recent study found half of the lawyers at London’s biggest law firms believe AI and machine learning technologies will threaten their roles and lead to job cuts. It was a hot topic of discussion at last week’s Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law conference, Beyond Our Borders: A Global Legal Innovation Summit. Read The Rest