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Steps for Promoting Law Firm Videos

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Videos have proved to be an effective online marketing tool for attorneys. Not only is a video 50 times more likely to be picked up by a Google search than text, video provides an emotional element of persuasion that other media options don’t. Social media sites also understand the effectiveness of video, and display and promote video in unique ways.

From convincing attorneys to provide pro bono assistance to educating employers on the importance of updating HR policies, video provides an emotional connection that makes it an efficient marketing tool. At Allen Matkins, we have produced hundreds of videos. We continually try new tactics, test and analyze the results to ensure our videos are reaching the right audience. If you’ve decided to try your hand at video marketing, here are some steps to start promoting your video content.Read The Rest


10 Things I Hate About the Little Things Lawyers Do

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Whenever you spend a bunch of time with a group of people (like your family … ahem), you’re bound to become annoyed with them, at least some of the time. I have worked closely with solo and small firm lawyers for years now and I need an outlet, frankly.

I can limit screen time for my kids if they piss me off, but there’s nothing I can do when trying to change the tactics of certain wayward lawyers — save for moral suasion, of which this writing is a part. As always, the idea is not solely to critique and cajole but to find a better way forward.
Read The Rest


Financial Tips for Attorneys a Few Years Out of Law School

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money management

In an earlier post, “Money Management Tips for New Associates,” we focused on how freshly minted lawyers can start their financial life on the right foot. Now let’s fast-forward a few years and consider some guidance for mid-level associates and young law firm owners. So, you’re older and wiser. What should you do at this point to keep your finances on the right track?Read The Rest

Your Money is In the Data

Looking for More Profit in All the Right Places

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Back in January 2017, I was having breakfast with a local lawyer when he said, “I think I need to raise my rates this year. I am just not making enough money, and raising my rates should make the year more profitable.”

This led me to ask, “Do you know how much additional money you would actually make by raising your rates?” Maybe raising rates was needed; maybe not.Read The Rest

Play to Win

Riding a Wave of Business

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When discussing business development, we often talk in terms of strategies — identifying top prospects, building niche practices or targeting selected referral sources, for example. But every now and then, I am reminded there are terrific chances to get business that fall into the category of being opportunistic — like riding a wave. Some lawyers reap great returns for a year or two from these efforts; others enjoy the benefits for an entire career.

Opportunities will present themselves to every lawyer at some point in his or her practice. To take advantage, you must recognize a trend, an emerging issue or a hot topic and then find an audience to promote it to — quickly.Read The Rest


Notes from the ABA TECHSHOW 2018 Startup Alley

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Year after year, I refer to ABA TECHSHOW as the “relationship” conference. It’s where you spend time with old friends, make new ones, provide and receive mentorship, and come away energized with lots of new ideas to try out with a community of support behind you.

In the past couple of years, this community has included members of the Startup Alley. This year, 15 innovative legal startups were showcased in the Expo hall after winning a Start-Up Pitch Competition put on by a joint effort between ABA TECHSHOW, Above the Law, Evolve Law and Bob Ambrogi’s LawSites blog.Read The Rest


ABA TECHSHOW 2018: From First to Last Ripple

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The opening ripple of ABA TECHSHOW 2018 last week was the conference’s second annual Startup Pitch Competition, where 14 legal technology startups competed. Voluble, a social media data analyst provider, won. Here’s more on the pitch contestants, new product launches, notes from the expo hall and other TECHSHOW tidbits.Read The Rest

Getting Referrals

Networking with Successful Lawyers: A Counterintuitive Tip

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Networking with Successful Lawyers

Ryan Nevin’s article “Ways to Get Clients After Hanging Out Your Shingle” has some great tips. He’s right that you should network with attorneys who don’t do what you do to get referrals. But that’s only part of the answer. You should also make a point of building relationships with the most successful lawyers who do what you do. The reason?Read The Rest