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Seven Tips for Making the Move from BigLaw to Solo

By | Jan.17.13 | 1 Comment

In recent years, as we all know, large firms cut back on hiring, laid off staff and, in a handful of high-profile cases, dissolved. Consequently, we’ve seen a surge of interest in “going solo” among current and …Continue reading »


Print or Online Advertising: Getting it Right

By | Sep.26.12 | No Comments

If you’re still advertising your practice in print—newspapers, magazines or directories—it’s really past time to dig deeper into whether this investment is still delivering value. Print magazine readership goes down by about two percent each …Continue reading »


Lawyers Get Your Game On

By | Feb.28.12 | 1 Comment

You’ve probably heard of the wildly popular Foursquare and Farmville, where users receive incentives to participate in activities. But the concept of gamification—the use of virtual rewards, levels and status to motivate certain behavior—is increasingly popular among lawyers, …Continue reading »