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10 Things That Should Be on Your Law Firm’s Radar in 2017

By | Jan.03.17 | No Comments

The legal profession, marketing technology, and clients’ buying habits are changing dramatically. Lawyers need to think differently about marketing, lead generation, big data, project delivery and leadership. Here are 10 things that should be on …Continue reading »


Honing Your Humility: An Antidote for Big Egos

By | Sep.09.15 | No Comments

I often begin leadership workshops by asking this question: What do you most look for and admire in a leader, someone whose direction you would willingly follow? What one word would you use to describe …Continue reading »

The Friday Five

What’s the Buzz with Legal Marketing?

By | Apr.11.14 | 3 Comments

The Legal Marketing Association (LMA) held its annual conference last week in Orlando, Florida, attended by more than 1,200 professional marketers. The buzz focused on a range of topics, from adapting to the “new normal” and …Continue reading »

The Friday Five

999 Things Lawyers Should Know About Marketing

By | Apr.12.13 | 2 Comments

Just kidding with the 999—though we could easily report on hundreds of ideas exchanged at the Legal Marketing Association Annual Conference this week in Las Vegas. More than 1,300 legal marketing professionals gathered there to share …Continue reading »

Marketing Media

Let Video Market Your Legal Services

By | Oct.01.12 | 2 Comments

YouTube. The word evokes images of cute kittens, crazy stunts and viral video classics, like what happens when you mix Diet Coke and Mentos. It’s not where you would expect to find interesting and helpful videos on …Continue reading »

Law Firm Networks

A Lawyer in Uzbekistan? We’ve Got That

By | Jul.25.11 | No Comments

For decades, law firm networks have helped lawyers build relationships, share referrals and learn all kinds of things from other lawyers outside their markets. Hundreds of networks exist, often organized around a certain type of law firm …Continue reading »