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Keeping an EagleEye on Typos

By | Feb.27.13 | 1 Comment

If your practice involves large deals and larger documents, then you know the drafting havoc that word processing can create. Clearly, we save time when we start with legacy documents, copy and paste from other …Continue reading »

Product Review

WordRake: Clearing the Clutter from Legal Writing

By | Jan.09.13 | 1 Comment

Have you ever heard the term “legalese” used to compliment a lawyer’s writing? I haven’t. It seems excellent lawyers do not always produce excellent legal writing. Whether due to a lack of time, of mental energy, …Continue reading »


“Reasonable Care” in the Cloud: Decision-Making Pointers

By | Oct.18.12 | 5 Comments

Many firms use cloud computing services for remote access to data, email filtering, contacts and calendars, system backups and other hosted IT functions. In particular, lawyers are finding that cloud transfer and storage services (like …Continue reading »


Presenting With Your iPad

By | Aug.20.12 | 3 Comments

You stand at the front of the room to make your presentation, but this time it’s different: You are doing it all with your iPad! With a little preparation and practice, you can use your iPad as …Continue reading »

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Caveat Editor: Editing Legal Documents on Your iPad

By | Jul.16.12 | 1 Comment

One reason lawyers buy iPads is to work productively away from the office. When it comes to editing legal documents, however, any time saved by working on an iPad may have to be spent, and …Continue reading »

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Take a Shortcut to Faster iPad Typing

By | Jun.25.12 | 4 Comments

One of the fastest ways to improve your typing on the iPad’s on-screen keyboard is to take advantage of the shortcuts feature introduced in iOS 5. The shortcuts feature works like Autocorrect’s non-evil twin, turning …Continue reading »

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iPads for Lawyers: Shortcuts for Power Users

By | May.10.12 | 2 Comments

Seems like you’re always under the gun, doesn’t it? Time pressure is the very nature of a lawyer’s life. But now you’ve found that your new iPad makes your load lighter, let’s make it quicker, …Continue reading »