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What If You’re the Unproductive Partner?

By | Aug.01.12 | 1 Comment

Your firm makes you a partner based on potential—a belief that everything the partners have observed indicates you have the characteristics to be successful. You’ve got what it takes! But making partner is one thing. Staying partner is quite another. By …Continue reading »


Insider’s Guide to Career Connectors

By | Apr.14.11 | 1 Comment

In last week’s post, Insider’s Guide to Career Helpers, Karen MacKay explained the different types of  career professionals who work with you to focus your efforts to find a new job or upgrade your career: outplacement …Continue reading »


Insider’s Guide to Career Helpers

By | Apr.07.11 | 1 Comment

You know there are professionals whose entire job is to help with your career. But they all seem to have different titles and names for what they do. It’s like “Ali Baba and the Forty …Continue reading »