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Using Encryption for Secure Client Communication

By | Jul.27.17 | No Comments

Secure client communication is a major concern for lawyers. Encryption is your best option for protecting confidential and sensitive information you exchange by email, text, voice and video calls with your clients. Email Encryption ABA Formal Opinion …Continue reading »


Delegate, Don’t Abdicate, Client Trust Accounting

By | Feb.06.17 | No Comments

Well-meaning lawyers who struggle to balance their personal checking account may think the safest way to protect their client trust account is to find a knowledgeable bookkeeper or CPA to take charge of it. In …Continue reading »


Knock Out Burnout!

By | May.09.11 | 2 Comments

Does your old friend adrenalin no longer give you the burst of energy and focus you need? Is it not only that you aren’t motivated, but that you don’t care that you’re not motivated? Do you …Continue reading »


Wireless: Be Safe at Home

By | Mar.31.11 | No Comments

In her previous post Wireless: Hot Spot Safety Tips, Sheila Blackford explained how to connect safely from a café, airport or other public place. Here’s her advice on the precautions you need to take at …Continue reading »


Wireless: Hot Spot Safety Tips

By | Mar.15.11 | No Comments

Are you still using the default security settings on your laptop or wireless device? Relying on unsecured wireless settings in cafes, airports and hotel lobbies? If you just said, “What security settings?” then you’d better …Continue reading »


Bad Check Frauds: ‘Tis the Season to Be Wary

By | Dec.19.10 | No Comments

Don’t be the victim. Scammers have become more brazen in their attempts to lull unsuspecting lawyers into trusting them, and bad check frauds targeting lawyers are on the rise. But you don’t have to let …Continue reading »