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Nimble Legal Tech Companies on How They’re Here to Help

By | Apr.05.17 | 1 Comment

During the ABA TECHSHOW 2017 program “The Startups Are Coming,” Andrew Arruda suggested we reframe the sentiment to: “The nimble companies are here to help you.” Not as sexy but a lot more accurate than an analogous …Continue reading »


Crafting a Low-Stress Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Small Firm

By | Mar.16.17 | No Comments

If you write and interact online or on your phone — which is everyone — you’re engaging in digital marketing. Why not put some strategic thinking behind your efforts to get more leads and clients? “But it …Continue reading »

Social Media

Grow Your Twitter Presence: 10 Tips

By | Aug.21.12 | 4 Comments

The other day I was asked, “Why am I not showing up in a Twitter search?” There could be any number of reasons, including the search terms used, people searching for archived versus recent tweets, …Continue reading »