Keeping Your Spring Fashion Frolic in Check

By | Apr.07.14 | 2 Comments

Loyal adherents to the professional dress code shudder at the arrival of warmer weather. Spring — especially that first 65-degree day — is the time when normally well-dressed l[...]

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On Balance

Ethics Watch: Alien Status and Bar Admission

By | Feb.24.14 | 2 Comments

What if you had completed all of the requirements to become an attorney admitted to practice law but, despite your best efforts to rectify the situation, were in the United States [...]

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The Friday Five

Five Ways to Boost Your Presence (and Confidence) with Clients, Judges and Everyone Else

By | Jan.31.14 | 1 Comment

It's a short list of skills that separate great performers from average performers. Confidence, also called presence, is one of those critical skills. Those who have it (or fake it[...]

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Putting Clients at Ease: Body Language 101

By | Nov.04.13 | No Comments

Mae West once claimed, “I speak two languages, Body and English.” Double entendre aside, she had a point. Fluency in both speaking and understanding body language can take you [...]

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New Business Models

The LLLT and the Power of Positive Thinking

By | Oct.01.13 | 2 Comments

There's something interesting going on out on the West Coast of the United States. It's called the Limited License Legal Technician (LLLT), and you can thank the state of Washingto[...]

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Is Your Professional Life Personally Fulfilling?

By | Sep.23.13 | 1 Comment

The degree to which individual lawyers fail to find professional life personally fulfilling can be a clear indicator of their level of risk of a malpractice claim or disciplinary c[...]

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