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Best Online Marketing Advice: Be Authentic

By | Dec.31.13 | 1 Comment

This time last year, we asked Gyi Tsakalakis to gaze into his crystal ball and give his best lawyer marketing predictions — along with his best advice on how to focus your online marketing. The …Continue reading »

Drive Traffic to Your Law Firm Website, Part Two

Direct Traffic Is Best for Your Law Firm Website

By | Oct.16.13 | 3 Comments

Once you know that no one is looking at your law firm website, it’s time to get serious about turning that around. But, how? First, you need to be sure that you are properly collecting and …Continue reading »

New Optimize Series

Drive Traffic to Your Law Firm Website, Part One

By | Sep.18.13 | 4 Comments

News Flash: No one is looking at your law firm website. It’s true. Many lawyers don’t realize this. They equate “having” a website with people “visiting” their website. Ask if people are visiting the site and …Continue reading »

Optimize Your Marketing

When “They” Search for Your Law Practice

By | Aug.12.13 | No Comments

No matter how they hear about you, there’s a pretty good chance that, at some point, people will search for your law practice online. What will they find when they perform these searches? What can …Continue reading »


WordPress Optimizations for Your Law Blog

By | May.23.13 | 4 Comments

If you use WordPress for your website or law blog (and you probably should), there are some basic optimizations you should consider making if you care about people finding your content in search engines. If you …Continue reading »

Online Business Development

Word of Mouth, Ratings and Reviews

By | Mar.25.13 | 3 Comments

Your clients have been talking about you since well before Al … I mean Sir Tim … brought us the global tubes. But the Internet continues to change the way those conversations spread. A video (below) …Continue reading »

Online Marketing

Online Commentary: The Good, the Spam and the Ugly

By | Feb.25.13 | 4 Comments

On the one hand, the social Internet has become perhaps the most revolutionary communications tool in human history. On the other, it has also been called “a shallow and unreliable electronic repository of dirty pictures, inaccurate rumors, …Continue reading »