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Survey Highlights

Cybersecurity Survey Results: What Keeps You Up Nights?

By | Apr.27.16 | 1 Comment

This past month, newspapers around the world have been filled with stories of the Panama Papers — a massive trove of confidential tax planning information that will probably topple more than one politician. For lawyers and law …Continue reading »


Should You Fire a Client?

By | Dec.31.12 | 4 Comments

As 2012 draws to a close, we’re celebrating Attorney at Work’s second year of delivering “one really good idea every day”—every working day, that is. During this holiday hiatus, we are bringing back some of …Continue reading »

This Business of Clients

Should You Fire a Client?

By | Jun.12.12 | 1 Comment

In a week of posts devoted to “This Business of Clients,” Attorney at Work Advisor Simon Chester has an important reminder about the flip side of client service—the mental toughness required to build your successful practice.  When …Continue reading »


Pop Quiz: Legal Technology

By | Apr.18.11 | No Comments

We sometimes think that the pace of change in the law is something recent. Or that the hot technologies are all recent innovations. When Simon Chester and Dan Pinnington looked back at the history of …Continue reading »


Fire a Client

By | Jan.04.11 | 2 Comments

When you are a new lawyer, it seems any client should be welcomed with open arms. More mature lawyers know that’s not necessarily so. Which brings me to a friend of mine who used to practice …Continue reading »