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Friday Five

holiday marketing

Five Ways to Create Holiday Marketing That Shines

Yes, it’s already mid-October. No, you’re not the only one asking, “How did that happen?” The holidays are right around the corner, and they seem to come earlier each year. One question I often get at this time of year is, “Are holiday marketing ...

Danielle Yocum - October 13, 2017

Five Ways to Generate Referrals on a Budget

Whether you are a solo attorney or in a big firm, the ability to generate business is critical to your success. But we all struggle with how to do it without draining our bank accounts. So here are some tips on how you can get a referral ...

Paul Cannon - September 29, 2017

Five Steps to Confront Burnout, Addiction and Depression

There’s no denying it: Lawyers have the highest behavioral impairment rate of any profession. Research has shown it, and it is spotlighted in the media, as in a recent New York Times feature on a lawyer who tragically spiraled into addiction ...

Link Christin - September 15, 2017

Domo Arigato: How to Prepare for the Coming Robot Apocalypse

You’ll have heard by now that the robots are coming for you. First, they’ll take your job. Then, your home and family. Next, your car. And, just when you think it’s over, that’s when they swipe your favorite coffee mug. The robot thing gets a ...

Jared Correia - September 8, 2017

The Essential Cloud: Top Tools for Lawyers, New and Improved

It has been six years since I wrote my initial list of essential cloud tools for lawyers. Since that time, the cloud has become near-ubiquitous. Attorneys are comfortable with it. The smartphone era relies on it. We’re at the point where we ...

Larry Port - September 1, 2017

Get On With Your Life

“This is the year.” He sounded casual enough, but I saw the inner force he hoped to screw to the sticking place. “This is the year I finally get out of here and start doing things I love.” We’d been down this road before. The goal is always the ...

Merrilyn Astin Tarlton - August 25, 2017

Add These Five Super Marketing Steps to Your Plans

The Super Marketing Conference in Boston, a collaboration between MassLOMAP, the ABA Law Practice Division and Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education, assembled expert speakers from around the country to provide practical, hands-on advice to ...

Heidi Alexander - August 11, 2017
dictation technology

Top Five Ways Lawyers Use Dictation Technology

For many young lawyers, dictation evokes images of dusty credenzas covered with tape recorders and microphones. But while today’s lawyers tend to be much more tech-savvy than past generations, they still use their voices to accomplish a lot ...

Eric Wangler - August 4, 2017

Five Ways to Leave Your Lawyer at Work

There are particular personality traits that make us good lawyers. For example, most lawyers are professional pessimists, able to spot the possible catastrophes in a transaction and anticipate a wide range of problems in any scenario. Most of us ...

Jamie Spannhake - June 23, 2017

Under Pressure: Five Insights on the Evolving In-House Counsel Role

It’s difficult to attend any legal conference these days without hearing about technology and change, but it’s refreshing to discuss these topics with people who actually do the work. Recently, I moderated a panel for an ARK conference, "The New ...

Mary Juetten - June 16, 2017