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From Panic to Profits

In her Attorney at Work column “From Panic to Profits,” financial advisor Brooke Lively helps lawyers and law firm owners understand the basics of financial planning and ways law firms can improve their profitability.

mentally preparing to sell your law practice
Mentally Preparing to Sell Your Law Practice

Brooke Lively | Did you know that 75% of those who exit (their business) 'profoundly regret' the decision with 12 months?

Brooke Lively - May 16, 2024
what is my law firm worth
What Is My Law Firm Worth?

Brooke Lively | Here are the two most important factors that determine your firm's value — if you want to sell.

Brooke Lively - April 11, 2024
what makes a law firm attractive to buyers
What Makes a Law Firm Attractive to Buyers?

Brooke Lively | What makes a law firm attractive to buyers? Exactly the same things that make a firm a joy to own. Focus on these three things.

Brooke Lively - March 14, 2024
law firm production numbers
Why You Should Prep Your Law Firm to Sell — Even If You Don’t Want to Sell

Brooke Lively | When you prep your law firm to sell, you build a business that operates with or without you — so you can step out when you are ready.

Brooke Lively - February 15, 2024
production numbers
To Stay on Target, Everybody in Your Law Firm Needs a Production Number

Brooke Lively | Mapping the steps in your client’s journey will reveal everyone's production numbers, so it's easier to track performance and hit firm goals.

Brooke Lively - December 14, 2023
law firm loan package
How to Create a Great Loan Package for Your Law Firm

Brooke Lively | A loan package consists of the basic documents the bank wants to see to determine if you are a good credit risk.

Brooke Lively - November 9, 2023
law firm profit plan
Budgets Suck, But Profit Plans Rock

Brooke Lively | When you have accountability, your practice can achieve remarkable growth.

Brooke Lively - October 3, 2023
your law firm's marketing spend
A No-BS Way to Tell If Your Marketing Is Working

Brooke Lively | Where are you spending on marketing that isn't paying off? A simple formula.

Brooke Lively - August 2, 2023
law firm dashboard
What Should Be on Your Law Firm’s Dashboard

Brooke Lively | It takes more than a P&L and balance sheet to understand how your firm is doing.

Brooke Lively - July 6, 2023
accountability in law firms
The Secret of Increased Production for Your Law Practice? Accountability

Brooke Lively | When you have accountability, your practice can achieve remarkable growth.

Brooke Lively - June 14, 2023

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