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Holiday Technology Wish Lists

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Minecraft Gameband? Apple Watch? Star Wars Battlefront PS4? The new IBM Watson Trends app uses tens of millions of online conversations to learn consumer shopping patterns, to help us all track, in real time, the …Continue reading »

The Friday Five

Lawyer’s Gift Guide: Time to Tech the Halls

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It’s been more than a decade since I launched my annual Holiday Gift Guide for Lawyers to provide ideas for friends and family rather than have them select yet another gift plastered with the scales of …Continue reading »


Choosing a Document Automation System

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The secret’s out. Many legal documents, even quite complex ones, can be reliably drafted by intelligent software when it is supplied with appropriate inputs. Consumers and businesses have become accustomed to preparing their own documents with …Continue reading »


Enterprising Lawyer Victor Medina

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It’s true, the business of practicing law is changing. And what it means to do a lawyer’s work is changing right along with it. From time to time at Attorney at Work, we tip our …Continue reading »

Technology on the Edge

Wearable Technology, 3D Printing and Litigation

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Wearable technology is a popular topic these days now that the Apple Watch has been released. And like wearable technology, 3D printing is popping up more and more. But the question remains, are these two …Continue reading »

Friday 5+ Tech Tips

Gotcha! Legal Tech Horror Stories from the Experts

By | Oct.30.15 | 1 Comment

What do lawyers fear most about technology? What should they fear? For this All Hallows’ Eve edition of Friday 5+ Tech Tips, we asked the practice management experts for their best — or is it worst? — …Continue reading »

Product Beat

Practice Management Tech Update

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What’s new in the practice management technology zone? Here are a few quick links to new products and updates — some debuting this week — plus a few applications to help you prepare for trial. Clio announced …Continue reading »

Getting the Lowdown

Every Lawyer’s Investigative Research Database

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If you are just opening your practice or can’t afford to hire a private investigator when you need one, consider applying for a subscription to an investigative database such as TLOxp, and do your own …Continue reading »

Friday Five+ Tech Tips

Must-Have Tech Tools to Start Up a Law Practice

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What’s the “bare minimum” technology a lawyer needs to start up a solo law practice today? For this month’s Friday 5+ Tech Tips, we asked the practice management experts for their best advice for startups. Jim …Continue reading »

Friday 5+ Tech Tips

Tech Tips for Teams: Smart Collaboration Tools

By | Aug.28.15 | 1 Comment

In Friday Five+ Tech Tips, we invite law practice management and technology experts to share their favorite tips and tricks for tackling everyday quandaries that can prevent you from keeping your practice humming along smoothly. In the …Continue reading »