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E-signature Questions Beating Your Paperless Plans?

By | Jul.10.14 | 2 Comments

So you made the decision to go paperless. You've grasped the concepts and technology you need and your systems are mostly set. But when you need someone's signature on a document[...]

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Are Law Firm Homepages Really Dead? (And If So, So What?)

By | Jul.07.14 | 2 Comments

Apparently the jury’s out on whether traffic to your website's homepage is declining. My own analysis shows law firm homepage traffic has been relatively unchanged over the past [...]

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On-the-Go Productivity

Four Powerful Mobile Apps for Accessing Your Files

By | Jul.02.14 | 1 Comment

Whether or not you consider yourself a mobile lawyer, we’re all part of a professional community and society that embraces mobile technology. That means our clients and opposing [...]

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Power User

Use New School Legal Technology

By | Jul.01.14 | 1 Comment

I recently read an article, Why old school attitudes to technology are hitting law firm profitability, by Neil Cameron, who beautifully sets out the profitability argument for law[...]

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Three Ways to Get Paperless – Right Now!

By | Jun.10.14 | 1 Comment

You're hardly the last lawyer to go paperless. But you probably aren't an early adopter like Donna Neff, either — her estates and trusts practice has been paperless for years. Li[...]

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Five Ways to Supercharge Gmail

By | Jun.06.14 | No Comments

Email! We may love it for its convenience or hate it for its omnipresence, but it’s tough to imagine a life, especially a productive work life, without it. But what you might re[...]

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