Legal Technology


MyCase GM Matt Spiegel: What Are You Working On?

By | Mar.28.14 | No Comments

In our Spotlight Q&A, Attorney at Work interviews leaders in the legal technology industry to find out what makes them tick as entrepreneurs and businesspeople — and what the[...]

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Trending: Legal Technology on the Rise

By | Mar.28.14 | 2 Comments

The current state of legal technology is both promising and frustrating. Conferences like LegalTech New York and ABA TECHSHOW, which is currently in full swing, are evidence that [...]

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Product Spotlight Q&A

NetDocuments’ Bradlee Duncan: Creativity at Work

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In Attorney at Work's Spotlight Q&A, we talk with the people inspiring, driving and creating the next new things in the legal technology industry. During his dozen-plus years w[...]

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Back That Cache Up: Data Redundancy Is Essential for Law Firms

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Nobody ever thinks a data loss is going to happen to them. But it can, and likely will, happen to you, if you practice long enough — and, sometimes, even if you don’t. Insid[...]

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The Friday Five

Five Ways to Fortify Your Firm’s Computer Security

By | Mar.07.14 | No Comments

In an age where data breach incidents have become a common occurrence, many corporations are beefing up security to protect themselves against data theft and the huge losses that a[...]

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