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Android Apps for Lawyers

Personal Assistant Apps: The Options

By | Jan.16.13 | 1 Comment

In his series on apps for Android-using lawyers, The Droid Lawyer blogger Jeffrey Taylor has covered note-taking and digital dictation. Today, he covers those nifty voice-command apps that help turn your smartphone into a digital personal assistant.  When …Continue reading »

Android Apps Series

Dictation Apps for Android Lawyers

By | Dec.18.12 | 3 Comments

Sadly, there’s one feature in my Android smartphone’s powerful interface that I don’t take full advantage of: its built-in native speech-to-text recognition feature, which is really quite good. But Android also offers several standard dictation …Continue reading »

Apps for Android

Note-Taking Apps for Android Lawyers: The 2.0 Update

By | Dec.06.12 | 2 Comments

The first thing to know about note-taking on any mobile device is that it’s not perfect. Another thing to know: If, like me, you’re accustomed to writing in microscopic chicken scratch for post-session translation, you …Continue reading »

Tech Tip

Android Apps for Easy Note-Taking and Dictation

By | Apr.10.12 | 6 Comments

One of the fundamental “tools” of the attorney arsenal has long been the yellow legal pad. I keep an abundant supply of these around my office, but as my law practice has evolved from paper …Continue reading »