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On Balance

On Balance

Attorney Misconduct — Time to Tattle?

Reporting another lawyer’s misconduct can bring on a mix of emotions. If the other lawyer is your adversary and you’ve been battling in the gutter, a bar complaint may be exactly what you wish on this person. Lawyers know a lot of lawyers, ...

Megan Zavieh - August 19, 2014
On Balance by Megan Zavieh

Credit Cards: Worth It to Work It Out

Accepting credit cards is just about the easiest way to ensure clients have no excuse not to pay your bills.

Megan Zavieh - June 18, 2014
On Balance

Attorney Discipline: Does Time in Practice Count?

When sanctioning lawyers who have violated the rules, ethics regulators typically consider a set of aggravating circumstances that can increase the punishment, as well as a list of mitigating factors that may reduce it. These factors may include ...

Megan Zavieh - April 30, 2014