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News and Trends

The Future of Lawyers: Five Big Ideas

With Professor Andrew Perlman at the helm, Suffolk University Law School in Boston recently created the Institute on Law Practice Technology & Innovation. Its purpose: To “study how technology is revolutionizing the practice of ...

Heidi Alexander - April 26, 2013
Nothing But the Ruth

Is This a Kindergarten or a University?

Last month, I had the pleasure of attending the South by Southwest Interactive Track in Austin, Texas. This conference focuses on business and social media. I came away from the week with my head buzzing with ideas. Among them were concepts from ...

Ruth Carter - April 10, 2013

Stephanie Kimbro: The Next Lawyering Frontier

Stephanie Kimbro will speak on "The Consumer Law Revolution: Lawyer Collaboration with Branded Networks" at the Lawyernomics 2013 conference in Las Vegas on April 27. Her topic is a hot one—and as author of three books on related topics and ...

The Editors - February 20, 2013

Green Light, Yellow Light: Experts Signal Legal Technology Trends

With LegalTech New York this week and ABA TECHSHOW on the horizon, legal technology conference season is in full force—a little slice of heaven for technology lovers and PowerPoint geeks. But since the rest of us could probably use a little help ...

The Editors - February 1, 2013

Can an Online Lawyer Network Bring You Business?

To some lawyers, the phrase “legal services industry” is a series of bad words. Out with the collegial profession, in with commoditizing legal “products.” But that's a very shortsighted view. The emergence of the legal services industry is not ...

Donna Seyle - December 17, 2012

Abandon the Hourly Chains and Pitch Clients on Your “Why”

Lawyers have been talking about and wrestling with “alternative billing methods” or “alternative fee agreements” for a decade or more. Recently, however, the conversation has shifted to “value billing.” Well, that’s a concept we can get ...

Antigone Peyton - December 4, 2012

2012 What’s Hot and What’s Not

For 24 years now, Bob Denney has shared his firm’s savvy observations of the most important business trends in the practice of law via his “What’s Hot and What’s Not in the Legal Profession” reports. Attorney at Work is honored to be first to ...

Bob Denney - November 27, 2012

What Looks Good for the Future?

We know the business of practicing law is evolving into … something. But what? That's the question the College of Law Practice Management wrestles with each year at its annual Futures Conference. With some of the best minds on the topic on hand ...

Tim Corcoran - November 9, 2012
getting clients title showing three people

Ring Around the Future!

Okay, we know the business of practicing law is in transition. (Some say "crisis"). It is evolving into ... something. But what? That's the question the College of Law Practice Management wrestles with each year at its Futures Conference. Some ...

Merrilyn Astin Tarlton - October 5, 2012

Stop Selling Eight-Tracks and Start Unbundling

When was the last time you bought an entire album of music from a single artist? Most of us create playlists with tracks purchased on Apple iTunes from multiple artists and albums. We create exactly what we want to jive with our moods and ...

Stephanie Kimbro - August 27, 2012