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why boredom is good for you

Boredom Is a Gift: Unlock a Powerhouse of Creativity and Problem-Solving

Analog Attorney | Being bored is your secret creative superpower.

Bull Garlington - October 19, 2022
best index cards

The 5 Best Index Cards Productive Lawyers Love

Analog Attorney | The best index cards are still just slips of paper, but they are also incredibly useful, powerful organizers, and best of all, cheap.

Bull Garlington - October 7, 2022
undated planners

Best Undated Planners

Analog Attorney | Some people organize better with ranged pages instead of dated pages. What we need is blank paper, a ruler and a vague idea.

Bull Garlington - October 6, 2022

The Ikigai Diagram Will Guide You Out of This Mess

Analog Attorney | Ikigai is a Japanese career-assessment tool to help you find purpose and focus. It works. Right now, in the 87th month of 2020, you need it.

Bull Garlington - October 3, 2022

Be a Stoic to Win in the Workplace

Many contemporary business success stories are rooted in Stoic practices and philosophy.

Bull Garlington - October 2, 2022

Go-bags That Let Busy Lawyers Bug Out in Style

Go-bags aren't just for surviving a zombie apocalypse. You may simply need one ready for out-of-town meetings or weekend depositions. Check out these stylish choices.

Bull Garlington - September 25, 2022
best gel pens

5 Reliable Gel Pens to Sign Your Name Beautifully

Gel pens are the new office standard. Bic ballpoints used to hold that status, but gel pens overtook them years ago, starting with the Uniball. When Uniball pens started showing up, hip office managers bought them by the crate. They were the ...

Bull Garlington - September 19, 2022
fountain pen

Five Best Fountain Pens Under $40

Analog Attorney | For an everyday fountain pen, you want a workhorse. You want a pen you can drop on the floor. Here are classy but affordable choices to suit your various needs.

Bull Garlington - September 1, 2022

How to Fall in Love With the USPS

I’m in a relationship with the United States Postal Service, and I think you should be too. Besides being the most effective marketing tool on the planet, and besides offering a seemingly lost-art method of connecting with clients, and ...

Bull Garlington - August 2, 2022
commonplace book

Commonplace Books Are Uncommonly Useful for Lawyers

Analog Attorney | Keeping a commonplace book helps you be more interesting.

Bull Garlington - June 13, 2022

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