Well Said!

Men and Women Communicate Differently, But …

Regardless of the buyer's or seller's gender, there is a reliable way to communicate when selling your services.

Mike O'Horo - August 20, 2018
Well Said

Associates: Read Your Way to Business Development Success

In an issue of Strategy+Business, management guru Tom Peters suggests a number of books he considers valuable to read. In the interview, he quotes a respected business leader friend who argues that the No. 1 problem with big company CEOs is ...

Mike O'Horo - June 25, 2018
Well Said

One Shift That Will Improve Business Development Results

Business development needn’t be complicated, difficult or distressing. However, for many lawyers, it’s all of that. Most of that can be eliminated by a single shift in perspective. It comes down to this: You need a specific market focus to ...

Mike O'Horo - May 3, 2018
prospective client

More Rainmaking Advice for New Associates: Earning Partner Preference

In the years it takes before your lawyering skills develop to where you can produce work product that clients will pay for, you cost your firm a lot more than you generate. That’s expected, but it doesn’t mean that in the interim you can’t ...

Mike O'Horo - March 27, 2018
rainmaker lawyer

Advice to New Associates on Becoming a Rainmaker

You passed the bar and got your first job in a law firm. Congratulations. Now it’s time to start becoming a rainmaker lawyer. “Whoa,” you say. “Slow down. Become a rainmaker lawyer? I still have to become a real lawyer. You know, one whose work ...

Mike O'Horo - January 29, 2018
rainmaker lawyer

Not If, But When, Your Fortune 500 Client Goes Out of Business

Well, now, there’s a radical notion, eh? Were you inclined to reject it out of hand as mere headline click-bait? Or did it make you think about that big client from whom you get most of your origination credit and your firm gets so many billable ...

Mike O'Horo - December 7, 2017
prospective client

Relationships 3.0: The Idea Relationship Era

Despite widespread recognition that the legal services business is undergoing the greatest change in its history, the industry still clings to a definition of relationships that doesn’t map to today’s reality. Different times and circumstances, ...

Mike O'Horo - October 31, 2017
prospective client

Magic Business Development Pill for Lawyers

A number of years ago, a good friend shared what he considers the "magic business development pill." It's simple. There are only two ingredients: 1) Make your conversation all about the client or potential client) and keep it about them; and ...

Mike O'Horo - September 19, 2017
prospective client

Your Client’s Billing Problem May Be a ‘Fit’ Problem

Much has been written about clients’ reactions to escalating legal costs, but what are the implications of a client challenging individual billing entries? It may not be about billing at all, but about how well your operating style aligns with ...

Mike O'Horo - June 28, 2017
prospective client

Stone Soup: A Client Development Metaphor

There is an old folk story that makes a fine metaphor for client development. In the tale, hungry strangers (read: the law firm client team) facilitate the people of a town (the team’s clients) giving them food (solving a problem and ...

Mike O'Horo - April 19, 2017

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