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First Time Meeting with a Prospective Client

A prospective client has identified three lawyers whom she believes possess the expertise and standing to solve her problem. The good news is that you’re one of them, and 10 minutes from now she’ll be sitting in your office to interview you. The ...

Mike O'Horo - February 10, 2016
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It’s All About Relationships (Not)

For years I’ve heard the mantra, “It’s all about relationships.” At the risk of casting an unwelcome pall in the middle of the holidays, bear with me while I gore this venerable ox, a quaint vestige of the 25-year seller’s market that ended in ...

Mike O'Horo - December 30, 2015
prospective client

How to Speak to Your Dream Client

Recently, a lawyer who said he'd "been given the chance to meet with my dream client" asked for help preparing for that meeting. He allowed that, "they're not adding any new panel counsel yet, but I was still given the opportunity to meet with ...

Mike O'Horo - September 28, 2015
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Referrals: The Sales Investigation Meeting

Let's recap where we left off last time (in my post "When You're Offered a Referral"): Your friend, Janice Brown, introduced you to a colleague, Jack, whom she believed to have a legal issue you could help with. Beforehand, you discussed with ...

Mike O'Horo - August 31, 2015
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When You’re Offered a Referral

Successful lawyers have many contacts willing to introduce them to prospects or others who can help them. Too many of these introductions are squandered because the lawyer being offered the introduction doesn’t manage the proffer properly. The ...

Mike O'Horo - August 3, 2015
prospective client

Keep Your Referral Sources Vibrant

Business development trainer Mike O’Horo is rarely at a loss for words. His new column for Attorney at Work is dedicated to helping you find just the right business development words to use, too.  Last month in "Well Said," he ...

Mike O'Horo - July 1, 2015
Well Said in a speech bubble

How to Stimulate Referrals from Every Matter

It's not that we want to put words in your mouth. But it has come to our attention that sometimes people struggle with what to say when they ask for work, or try to deliver a specific business development (sales!) message. Business ...

Mike O'Horo - June 1, 2015
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Rainmaking Steps: Skirting the Social Dilemma

As we enter the heart of summer, pleasant weather ramps up the frequency of cookouts and other casual events. We find ourselves spending less time with business contacts and more with family, neighbors and friends. Often that includes people ...

Mike O'Horo - July 18, 2014

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