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Converting Post-Speech Inquiries: The Follow-Up Email and Phone Call

How do you manage a post-speech chat with someone who chooses to tell you how the problem you spoke about affects their company, and convert it into a solid opportunity? Last month, I showed you how to greet and interact with the group of people ...

Mike O'Horo - February 21, 2017
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Convert Post-Speech Inquiries into Real Demand

Congratulations. Your speech to the International Biometrics Association was a hit. A line of people are waiting to congratulate you and pay compliments. Many are simply being kind and expressing appreciation. However, at least some have a more ...

Mike O'Horo - January 25, 2017
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Strategic December Business Development vs. Mere “Holiday Marketing”

About this time each year, law industry publications are rife with advice about “holiday marketing.” The advice tends to be about gift-giving protocols and using social events to network and create relationships.

Mike O'Horo - December 8, 2016
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A Baker’s Dozen ‘Seller’s Market’ Myths

Many refer to the 2008 economic meltdown as the "Great Reset." For law firm business development, it’s healthy to embrace that as a literal expression. The law business was reset from a seller’s market, characterized by demand exceeding supply, ...

Mike O'Horo - November 7, 2016
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Are You (Gulp) the Boring One?

Last October, I posted advice in this space on how to extricate yourself gracefully from unwelcome conversations at networking events. Recently, a reader asked how to handle the reverse situation: when you’re the one being ditched. (I’ll ...

Mike O'Horo - August 8, 2016
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Purge Toxic Clients from Your Practice, Part 2

In Part 1 of "Purge Toxic Clients," we walked through how to identify a bad client. Today, having identified them, let's look at how to actually end the relationship. When ending a client relationship, you have three goals: 1) Politely explain ...

Mike O'Horo - July 14, 2016
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Purge Toxic Clients From Your Practice, Part 1

To dramatically enhance your productivity, zero in on the biggest source of stress and wasted time: toxic clients. Some lawyers fight to hold on to business at all costs. After all, it’s an article of faith that it’s easier to retain a client ...

Mike O'Horo - June 23, 2016
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My Clients Say They Only Want Me!

It is a common lament: “My clients say they only want me. How do I introduce colleagues or juniors in a way that creates trust?”

Mike O'Horo - May 26, 2016
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Have We Met? Mastering the Meet-and-Greet

The business meet-and-greet scene is fraught with potential pitfalls, even for the most confident among us. Here’s how to reduce embarrassing encounters at networking events, receptions and other occasions.

Mike O'Horo - April 20, 2016
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Cross-Selling: Lawyers’ Three-Headed Sales Monster

Discussions about cross-selling in law firms remind me of the well-publicized discussions some years ago in the scientific world about cold fusion. Both represent their respective professions’ Holy Grail, but no one in either profession has made ...

Mike O'Horo - March 21, 2016

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