Five Things To Do While in Town for ABA TECHSHOW

In last week's Friday Five we trumpeted the big shows lined up for the coming conference season. As the official countdown begins for ABA TECHSHOW, March 29-31, in Chicago, the profession's top tech gurus are polishing up their PowerPoints and ...

Andrea Cannavina - March 16, 2012

That Novel You Have in You? Write It!

Here at Attorney at Work, we're suckers for stories of personal reinvention, and second (or third) careers. So when we heard Darlene Quinn's first novel was published when she was 70 (and it won a national award), we were intrigued. And we ...

Darlene Quinn - March 14, 2012

Get Your Hands Dirty

Yes, you can make all your holiday arrangements while sitting down in front of your computer. Online shops, electronic greeting cards, restaurant reservations ... it’s all pretty clean and easy these days. But there are a few—and we’re among ...

The Editors - December 16, 2011

Giving the Gift of Doing Good

Giving the gift of doing good in the names of clients and other special someones for the holidays is a lovely way to say “Thank you!” for their business and support this year. And, while charitable gifting is worth doing in and of itself, as a ...

Joy White - December 12, 2011

Attention, Shoppers: A Lawyer’s Gift Guide

I published my first Holiday Gift Guide for Lawyers in 2005 because the marketplace seemed to think the only gift worth giving a lawyer had to be adorned with the scales of justice, a gavel or an abstract of a Corinthian column. There are just ...

Dan Pinnington and Reid Trautz - December 5, 2011

Getting Your Words In Order

It's true, writing is a lawyer’s primary tool and a great source of pride and identity. But isn’t it also true that once in a while a teensy-weensy wisp of doubt creeps in? In the grip of writer's block, you fixate on memories of those ...

The Editors - September 23, 2011

It’s In the Bag

We’re just certain that all our personal technology will converge and be surgically implanted discreetly behind our ear—someday. Until then, we struggle with where and how to carry these vital extensions of our lives. In a pocket? In a purse? It ...

The Editors - July 22, 2011

Summer Reading

Go on, you know you want to. Throw the mess on your desk into piles and head home early. Pour a nice tall cool one, put your feet up in a shady spot and take a bite out of your summer reading list. Don't have a list? That's what we're here for. ...

The Editors - June 24, 2011

Music to Your Ears

Could you stand to add little more melody to your daily life? Well, if you aren’t already taking advantage of the very wide world of Internet music to modulate your mood and power your productivity, then it’s time you learned a few dance ...

The Editors - May 20, 2011

Feeling a Little List-less?

It’s Friday! If you’re anything like us, you have a long list of must-do’s and want-to-do’s for the coming weekend. Before you ease on out the office door and start checking things off that list, take a peek at this ...

The Editors - May 13, 2011

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