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Streamlined Billing: Five Best Ways to Make Sure You Get Paid

Get on the path to reducing invoicing inefficiencies and receiving payments faster.

Nicole Black - November 16, 2018
time and billing software
Time and Billing Software Checklist

Checklist | Six ways billing and timekeeping software helps boost your profitability.

The Editors - November 11, 2018
Lawyer look at Law Firm KPI
Three KPI’s Every Small Law Firm Should Know

Three KPI’s every small law firm should know. Running a small law firm is not easy. Not only do you zealously represent your clients, but you must also run a business. What are you looking at to make sure your business is performing profitably ...

Smokeball - October 31, 2017
A Practice Management Advisor’s Tips for Choosing Case Management Software

For almost 14 years, I’ve answered my telephone at the South Carolina Bar and taken questions from lawyers and their staff. Questions about case management software are probably in the top three reasons for calls. (I used to distinguish between ...

Courtney Kennaday - July 15, 2016

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