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Your Website as a Lead Generator

By | Oct.27.11 | Business Development, Daily Dispatch, Legal Technology, Social Media

It’s 3 a.m. on a wet Sunday morning and Micheal O’Shea is a worried man. Fifteen minutes ago he was breathalyzed by the road traffic police on the drive home from his sister’s 40th birthday party and, well, he might have had one or two too many.

He walks into his den, switches on his computer and begins typing “drink driving limits in Ireland” into the big white Google search box. The first thing he sees that may confirm or allay his fears is sitting at position number four on the first page of the Google results. It’s a video on YouTube called “drink driving limits in Ireland.” His interest is piqued. This is exactly what he is looking for.

Five weeks later I’m standing shoulder to shoulder with Micheal O’Shea in the Criminal Courts of Justice, Dublin, Ireland, when his case is called by the Court Registrar. Mr. O’Shea is now my client.

A Three-Step Client Generation Plan

Client generation for lawyers is a simple task when you remember an old sales adage: “Don’t talk to me about your weed killer, talk to me about my weeds.” Take just three fundamental steps to ensure that your website is a genuine asset for you and not just a necessary but ultimately useless adornment. (Somewhat akin to a chocolate fireman.)

  1. Provide useful, relevant, keyword optimized content (lots of it) about the problems facing your potential clients.
  2. Make it easy for them to contact you.
  3. Respond quickly and professionally to any contact.

Keep in mind as well that you must always be a problem solver. Your searcher and potential client is looking for a solution to a problem. Will your website point to that solution?

“Offices in London, Tokyo, Paris!”

Your potential client really doesn’t care if you have offices in London, Tokyo and Paris. He is also not concerned about your wood panelled offices and he doesn’t care about your country club memberships or your society memberships or your charity work. While it is all very impressive and laudable, your searcher simply wants a solution to his problem.

And just how many videos do you think there are on YouTube about “drink driving limits in Ireland”? You guessed right if you guessed one. And it took me all of five minutes to make and upload it.

Always be solving—and good luck!

Terry Gorry is the principal solicitor at Terry Gorry & Co in Dublin, Ireland and principal of Web Design Dublin, a digital/Internet marketing consultancy for small businesses who recognize the opportunities presented by a smart, cost effective web presence. A 25-year champion of small business in Ireland, Terry is passionate about the power of the Internet to level the playing field for the little guy.

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