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Searching Social Media

Searching Social Media

Social media. A familiar topic for me, and a staple now at ABA TECHSHOW. I'd be remiss if I didn't say I walked into the session, "Social Media as Information Gathering Tool," a skeptic last week. Obviously, social media is an information gathering tool. Though I've said social media will be a defacto aspect of eDiscovery, I now understand why it has taken a few years for that to be true. The session totally blew my mind on how ridiculously lame social search functionality is. Okay. Maybe that's a little too strong. How ridiculously arcane social search functionality is. With the exception of Google+, every single one of them requires a number of hoops to jump through, both to search what you need and to get to Advanced Search options.

Originally published April 15, 2013
Last updated April 28, 2018
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