Law Firm Leaders on Twitter

Law Firm Leaders on Twitter: Pros and Cons

Leading a law firm is often compared to being the chief herder at a cat ranch. On the communications front, the managing partners at a law firm are challenged not only with what to say to their colleagues and clients but when and how to say it. Social media, and Twitter in particular, offers those in the top spots at law firms an outlet to reach and connect with people in a way that transcends the traditional memo and email blasts that fill up inboxes. Several of these managing partners’ counterparts in the corporate world — notables like Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Elon Musk — have been using Twitter for years with great success in building and engaging a following that ultimately helps promote their products and cement customer loyalty. Still, despite its high-profile benefits, only about 5 percent of the CEOs of America’s biggest companies are active on Twitter. A thorough recent search of Twitter for leaders of large law firms uncovered about a half-dozen from the AmLaw 100 that have been regularly posting in the past year or two. Why so few? For many, Twitter remains a mystery, for sure. And that’s a shame. Despite its more spartan user interface, especially when compared with LinkedIn and Facebook, Twitter is ultimately about building and interacting with a community of people, companies and groups who share common interests or who are looking to be entertained or informed, or any combination of those. But like most marketing opportunities, there are pros and cons to having your law firm’s leader on Twitter. ... READ THE REST

Originally published March 4, 2015
Last updated April 13, 2018
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