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Positive Client Experience? How to Improve Hospitality in the Office

“I’m tired of hearing about ‘improving the client experience.’ People come to me because I do excellent work. They don’t care if I’m nice.” Might sound familiar, but it’s only half right. Your clients expect you to do your job correctly — you’ll hear about it if you don’t. Provided your legal work meets their expectations, it’s the overall experience you provide that they'll remember more. That's what will bring them back, and move them to send their friends to you. Your client’s experience improves when you hit three targets: demonstrate your competence, show respect for your client, and remove as much uncertainty as possible from the process so they feel less anxious (remember, anxious people are cranky people). Here’s the trick, though: You can’t just tell your client that you’re competent, respectful and predictable — you have to show it. To start, focus on three aspects of the client experience: how clients get to your office, the time they spend there and what happens when they leave. ... READ THE REST

Originally published May 21, 2015
Last updated May 11, 2020
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