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Friday Five

Five Stories to Get Your Name in the Press

Go rob a bank. No, wait, that’s too easy. Plus, you may run into ethical issues with the local bar association. Seriously, folks, getting what we call “earned (free) media” is a little tougher to get. It also takes patience. But with the right kind of article, you can get yourself and your firm the public presence you seek. The key to getting good media coverage is to have a "real story" to tell and share with the press. Let me repeat: You have to have a real story to tell and share. The greater the news value of your story, the better the chances of picking up significant media coverage. The coverage will most likely be newspaper publicity, but it's also possible you can increase coverage of your firm on television, websites, and blogs, and in magazines and social media. So here are five "real story" topics that can get you and your firm's name into the public eye. ... READ THE REST

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