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Solo Lawyers: Where Is Your Office?

I work with a lot of solo lawyers, both in my client base (unfortunately, ethics cases arise more frequently in solo practice), and in my network of professional colleagues. My colleagues in the ethics defense bar are frequently solos, and I cultivate a network of other lone wolves to compensate for the fact that I do sit alone in my office much of the time and have no one to bounce ideas off of, commiserate with when things go wrong or celebrate with when things go right. Being thus figuratively surrounded by solo lawyers, I'm always curious about where other lawyers work and why — partly because people set up shop for reasons I have never considered, and partly because it helps me better understand the solos I advise. Here's what I've learned when I ask about where a colleague works. ... READ THE REST

Originally published March 8, 2016
Last updated February 10, 2021
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