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Flight Restriction: How Law Firms and the TSA Struggle with Security

Law firms aren’t great at customer service. Spoiler alert: Neither is the TSA. Indeed, even where law firms are less likely to be gropey, there are similarities between the two. The TSA’s problem is that it is trying to enforce a robust security program at the cost of consumers' convenience. Law firms are kind of like that, too. A major part of what a law firm does is to act as a steward of its clients’ information. To protect client information more diligently, the firm needs to inconvenience clients further. Passwords, encryption, secure email. It’s barrier after barrier placed in front of the destination, all in the name of protecting information no one can get at any longer. Of course, if it was up to the average lawyer, they wouldn’t do any of that. It’s the increasingly rigorous laws and rules that require it. I bet you didn’t know, Mr. Big Shot Lawyer, that you were a glorified TSA screener?

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