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It Takes More than a Scanner: What Small Law Firms Must Know to Successfully Go Paperless

According to the International Legal Technology Association, almost half of all legal purchases of imaging, scanning or optical character recognition is made by small law firms.* If you’re among them, congratulate yourself for making a smart investment in paperless technology, considering that increasingly: Clients prefer the speed and ease of communicating electronically. Jurisdictions require documents […]

Originally published June 15, 2018
Last updated August 2, 2020
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voice search microphone

Five Things Law Firms Need to Know About Voice Search

According to the projections in a VoiceLabs report, about 33 million voice-first devices were in circulation at the start of the year. By voice-first, we mean devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home that sit on your counter and only interact with voice commands. This report doesn't even count the hundreds of millions of mobile phones, tablets and convertible PCs that have Siri, Hey Google or Cortana built in. With all the voice search options in consumers' hands, here are five things law firms need to know about voice search.

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