lawyer notes

Keeping Better Lawyer Notes

Yellow legal pads, containing what at least to a casual observer might seem unintelligible scribbles, abound in most lawyers' offices. Of course, good legal business practice dictates that we take copious and clear notes to identify work we have done or still need to do, who we have spoken with, when and about what. But note-taking — and keeping — is also critical to maintaining compliance with ethics rules. ... READ THE REST

Originally published May 30, 2022
Last updated June 2, 2022
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law firm performance reviews

What Good Are Law Firm Performance Reviews?

Our law firm has tried many different formats for performance reviews, but often we find we are doing reviews just to do reviews. In most cases, it's merely a repeat of the year before. Do you feel annual reviews are worthwhile? What is the best format? In this edition of "Ask the Experts," we hear from Association of Legal Administrators members Michael Cohen, Christine Hashemi and Renee Mahovsky. ... READ MORE

Originally published May 30, 2022
Last updated June 8, 2022
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anxious client

How to Calm Clients’ Anxiety About Testifying

Imagine this scenario: Your client is about to be deposed in a case with significant damages at stake. Knowing what hangs in the balance, you spend hours preparing the client. This involves an extensive review of the likely areas of inquiry, followed by a mock deposition in which you ask the kind of questions, both in tone and content, that are likely to be asked at the actual deposition. The client answers your questions concisely and clearly. You walk away from the meeting feeling confident that he will perform well when he has to answer questions for real the next day. The client appears for his deposition and begins to answer the questions. His responses are not only rambling and inconsistent, but he also volunteers facts that severely damage the case.

Originally published May 30, 2022
Last updated June 7, 2022
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how to introduce yourself

How to Introduce Yourself

Following a recent post about networking, a reader asked, “What’s the best way to introduce yourself at a networking event?” What follows is for business contexts. For social etiquette, I’ll defer to Emily Post (or my late mother, who, while my siblings and I were growing up, we considered one and the same).

Originally published May 30, 2022
Last updated June 2, 2022
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lawyer with letter blocks Lawyer Referrals

Nuts and Bolts of Getting and Giving Lawyer Referrals

You’ve invested time and energy in creating a referral network, but building the network wasn’t an end in itself. The goal is getting and giving the referrals you need to sustain and grow your practice. So, when the calls start coming in, what do you do? And how can you make good referrals for your own clients? ... READ THE REST

Originally published May 30, 2022
Last updated June 23, 2022
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How Euphemisms Improve Your Lawyering

Euphemisms are words or phrases used in place of other words that might offend the recipient of the message. The prefix eu- means “good.” Euphemisms substitute good language for what some might consider bad. Sometimes the communicator is sidestepping the truth, but, as an advocate, avoiding harsh language may benefit your case.

Originally published May 30, 2022
Last updated June 6, 2022
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