Attorney Work-Life Balance

Take Five for You and Stress Less

The life of a lawyer, especially a solo or small firm practitioner, is often stressful. Stress itself is not necessarily a bad thing. Our body’s reaction to stress actually helps us to meet the sudden demands and extra tasks that we face as busy ...

Reid Trautz - November 2, 2012
Delicate Conversations: Is It Depression?

It may be among the toughest conversations you ever have to initiate. But when you think a colleague is in trouble—experiencing difficulties with drugs and alcohol or spiraling into a seemingly intractable depression, for example—it is worse, ...

Mary Ellen Sullivan - September 24, 2012
T-Rex with open mouth jerks at work
Where the Sidewalk Ends

Shel Silverstein's writing had a profound impact on me and my family. Thumbing through his classic Where the Sidewalk Ends recently brought back some nice memories, and then set me musing in another direction. My own "sidewalk's end"—retirement ...

Otto Sorts - July 6, 2012
How Do You Measure Success?

When I think about the stereotypical successful lawyer, I think of someone who wears designer suits and expensive jewelry, lives in a big house, drives a luxury car, has season tickets and always plays with the latest techno-toys. A lot of us ...

Ruth Carter - July 3, 2012
Sanity Tips for Road Warriors

The life of a successful lawyer who travels constantly for work can sound attractive, even alluring ... to those who don’t have to do it. They imagine going to exotic places, meeting with important people and dining in the best restaurants. But ...

Marcia Pennington Shannon - May 30, 2012
Staying Healthy: 10 Tips for Traveling Lawyers

Business travel can be bad for your health. In fact, studies show that health risks increase as travel increases. Extensive travelers are 92 percent more likely to be obese and 260 percent more likely to rate their health as poor. They also have ...

Jamie Spannhake - April 17, 2012
Five Ways to Get (and Stay) Healthy Now

Most people make a New Year’s resolution related to their health. But by the end of February, more than 75 percent of them have given up on it. If one of your resolutions was to get healthy in 2012, don’t despair. You can do it with these five ...

Jamie Spannhake - March 2, 2012
Sharpening the Saw: Painless Professional Development Ideas

I have a friend who is a gifted planner. We often get together near the end of the year, and I find her scheduling her professional development activities for the upcoming calendar year, and her vacation. She finds that doing so means that both ...

Wendy Werner - January 30, 2012
Is It the Winter Blues or Something More?

Depression is a serious illness and—unlike the winter blues—it stays with you, no matter the temperature and amount of sunlight outside. Please be aware of the signs of depression. Are you feeling any of these?

Marcia Pennington Shannon - January 24, 2012
It Doesn’t Go Without Saying

Here on the cusp of the biggest holiday week of the year, it seems nearly everything that needs to be said already has been: "Seasons greetings!" "Happy Hanukkah!" "Merry Christmas!" "Thank you!" "Best wishes for the new year!" "Don't forget ...

The Editors - December 22, 2011

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